‘Mighty’ explosive

A sterling performance of Sheimyrah Mighty in the court room at Brooklyn’s Borough Hall, on Thursday, March 26 had the audience asking “Who is that?” as her strong vocal cords burst through the silence. She was singing the American National Anthem and eyes raised and looked across the isles at each other as the slender young woman held everyone’s attention with her beautiful voice.

The Caribbean American Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc. (CACCI) was at the time honoring eight “Women of Excellence” from New York City for their dedication and service to the community. Mighty is an example of what is expected in the next generation when the right seeds are planted. The honored women were also serenaded and spurred remarkable responses for the young and talented singer, with the song, “Wind Beneath My Wings.”

March is “Women’s History Month” and what an encouraging and inspiring feeling it was to see the future star presenting such an awesome delivery to these ladies. The succession of a younger generation, bearing the torch from one generation of women to another.

Mighty was only three years old when she realized she has a special gift / talent. “I want to bring hope to the world through music,” she said. During another recent performance when she rended the American national anthem, guests smiled and shook their heads. She is truly amazing. Mighty is an up and coming artist, only 16 years old. This young lady has so much greatness in her voice, but she revels in her talent with such humility. “I am satisfied and blessed with what I have accomplished, I just want to help others,” she calmly noted.

She has evolved into the sweet singing songstress professionally since January, 2014 when her manager, E- Uneek Kebreau, H Factor Family, a producer and a singer himself realized that this young lady was extremely talented and need to be guided. This realization has truly blossomed, since then she has performed for Donald Trump and Danny Glover at separate events. Mighty delivered the national anthem recently at the Barclays Center Nets games, raising eye brows again. She also performed at the conference of the United Federation of Teachers. She graced the stage with her eloquently and powerful voice at the annual 100 Black Casus in Albany and she performed for Shintaro Ishihara, governor, Toyko, Metropolitan area, Japan. She was extremely graceful and superb at the St. Lucia 36th Independence Anniversary event in Manhattan last month.

Mighty was born and raised in Brooklyn by her Jamaican and Haitian parents. She is certainly melting hearts and she has the heads and eyes of folks moving and asking the question seriously, “where do you go from here? She would like to be an international vocalist one day. She is only 16 and will continue her high school education at the LaGuardia Performing Arts School in Queens. The singer wants to inspire others, especially young people and be a strong influence in their lives.