Minna LaFortune drops ‘Caribbean Christmas’

Minna LaFortune gives vote-of-thanks in late February 2023 as a coalition of Caribbean Americans honored Congressional Reps. Hakeem Jeffries and Yvette D. Clarke.
Photo by Nelson A. King, file

Jamaican artiste Minna LaFortune says she is “diving into the festive season” in dropping her groundbreaking Christmas album, “Caribbean Christmas,” on Thursday, Nov. 30.

“This album is the result of a lifelong dream to make a Christmas album,” LaFortune, a Brooklyn resident and retired Metropolitan Transit Authority associate management analyst, told Caribbean Life on Saturday. “I always imagined it would be covers of traditional Christmas songs, but I never expected to write my own original songs for a Christmas album.

“Thanks to my producer, Lee Holness, who always encouraged me to bring my own music to the world, we made it happen,” she added. “I hope everyone will enjoy this album as much as I (me), Lee, and my backup singer/videographer and graphic artist Shantel Bradford did.

“I also hope it will become a Christmas staple,” continued LaFortune, stating that Caribbean Christmas” is “a harmonious blend of reggae, soca, calypso, ska, and waltz – all wrapped in a festive atmosphere.”

She said the album marks her first major foray into holiday music, “encapsulating the essence of Christmas with its nostalgic, family-centric, and peaceful themes.

“’Caribbean Christmas’ presents an array of original songs, several providing a distinct view of Christmas through the rich and vivid palette of Caribbean culture, “LaFortune said.

She said the album begins with “It’s a Caribbean Christmas” – a “spirited celebration of holiday customs, encouraging listeners to indulge in the season’s joy and unity, enhanced by rhythms that inspire festive decor and merriment.”

LaFortune said the song, “Christmas Come an Mi Waan to Guh Home”, echoes “the universal wish to be with family during the holidays, capturing the longing and sense of belonging.”

She said other heartwarming tracks, such as “Send Me Some Love at Christmas” and “When I Think of Christmas,” reflect on “love, memories and enduring connections strengthened during the season.”

In addition, LaFortune said songs like “Christmas is Reason” and “Worship Him” “evoke joy and gratitude, embodying the essence of Christmas.”

She said the track “Santa” is “intentionally designed to shed light on the plight of the homeless during the holidays, giving a voice to those seeking joy, financial support, homes, and a chance to celebrate with friends.”

Additionally, LaFortune said “Let’s be Merry and Kind” reminds listeners of “the season’s true spirit – to find joy, reduce stress, and spread kindness and love.”

The album concludes with “Christmas in Kingston” that “vividly” depicts “the festive vibe of Jamaica’s capital, with memories of grand markets and nativity plays, set to a unique Jamaican ska fusion rhythm,” LaFortune said.

“This album is my celebration of Christmas, full of hope and joy, resonating with the lively

Caribbean rhythms,” she said, disclosing that “Caribbean Christmas” will be available on all major streaming platforms and for purchase on Dec. 1.

In continuing her engagement with fans, LaFortune said she will release an animated music video for “Christmas is the Reason” on her YouTube channel.