New ‘Culture Fit’ collab for T&T Carnival

WIADCA board member, Rhea Smith.
Photo by Nelson A. King

Trinidadian Rhea Smith, a board member of the Brooklyn-based West Indian-American Day Carnival Association (WIADCA), organizer of the annual West Indian-American Carnival in Brooklyn, says that a groundbreaking collaboration for Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2024 has emerged on the global cultural stage with the formation of a new international initiative called “Culture Fit.”

Smith, who is already in Trinidad and Tobago for this month’s carnival, told Caribbean Life Tuesday morning that “Culture Fit” boasts “a dynamic coalition” that comprises the Soca Run Festival (SRF), Wukkout! Soca Dance Fitness, Pablo Fit Addicts, DJ Aswaad, WIADCA and CariBeat.

 “’Culture Fit’ aims to bridge the gap between regional leader Trinidad & Tobago and major Caribbean-American hubs, starting with New York City,” Smith said. “The initiative will be rolling out a series of ‘Pump Pop-ups,’ which will take place during carnival seasons and Caribbean Heritage Month for 2024.

“’Culture Fit’ coalition members are dedicated to showcasing and promoting Caribbean culture, traditions and music through soca, fitness, mas’ and steelpan,” she added.

Inspired by Trinidad and Tobago’s “Greatest Show on Earth”, Smith said the coalition seeks to  develop “innovative concepts and experiences that expand the footprint of Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival traditions to the next generation of cultural consumers under the shared banner of love and unity through cultural appreciation, education and small business representation.”

Smith said WIADCA is “excited to work alongside all partners on a movement that is growing both in the states and in Trinidad (and Tobago).

“’Culture FIT’ is inspired by the music, movement and traditions of carnival — all of which keeps us stronger together,” she added.

Smith said the schedule of events includes: Bermudez Biscuit’s Carnival Burn with Pablo Fit Addicts & Wukkout! Soca Dance Fitness, on Feb. 7, in Aranguez Savannah, Trinidad and Tobago; Freedom Jouvert Trinidad Carnival 2024 with DJ Aswaad, Paparazzi Carnival, Red Antz Miami and Ice Box Ent on Feb.12; CariBeat Rhythms and Steel Concert Tour of Washington, D.C. and New York City in June; and New York Carnival Week from Aug. 29 – Sept. 2.