New York Jets head into playoffs New York Jets head into playoffs New York Jets head into playoffs

“We’ve done it in spurts. One week it’s the special teams; one week it’s the offense; and one week it’s the defense.”

Mark Sanchez, quarter back of the New York Jets, was talking about the past season that was very successful as they prepared for the last game of the regular campaign.

“We all got to do it at the same time if we want to make it a run like we did last year,” he went on. “We have great wide outs here, great offensive line, and when the defense is on they’re on. And there’s no stopping…. But we still have a lot of work to do.”

By virtue of last Sunday’s action, the Jets after they close the regular season against visiting Buffalo, take on Kansas City in a first-round game of the Super Bowl tournament. The Jets go into the game sixth seeded. New England is seeded first and has the home field advantage in every American Conference playoff contest.

The Jets must fix their defense after giving up 38 points while scoring 34 against Chicago in a loss last Sunday.

Sanchez turned out an outstanding game even despite playing with an injured shoulder. However, indications point that Coach Rex Ryan may not start or even use him against Buffalo as he wants to rest him for the ‘second season.’ If necessary, Ryan wants to rest all the banged up players to prepare them for the playoffs.

“I need as many reps as possible but with the situation it is now with my shoulder we have to see how it reacts to a game,” the second year quarterback added.

The Buffalo game is a tune-up for the playoffs.Meanwhile, safety Brodney Poole can not say the same about the team’s defense that he can about the team’s offense. The offense seems to be clicking much better than the defense is. The defense has to improve if the team is to succeed.

“We’re in the playoffs, and that’s the important thing,” Poole said. On some plays we couldn’t execute (against Chicago). We have to find a way to get things done. It will take everybody getting on the same page.

“Coaches make great calls. The players have to go out and execute. The coaches give us a lot of freedom to play teams the way we want.”

The first goal for the team is getting into the playoffs. And now that’s done.

“We’re in the tournament now,” Ryan added. “This makes it two years in a row. That’s where we want to be. A lot of teams (in the National Football League) can’t say that. I’m excited about getting back into the playoffs.”

“We got to try to win (Sunday),” Sanchez went on. “Our goal is to win and the result will help our playoff situation. And then we’ll move on (into the second round).”