New York mas band at Guyana’s Mashramani

New York mas band at Guyana’s Mashramani

Now in its fifth year of revelry, New York costume band “Honest Illusions” will once again bring excitement to the streets of Georgetown, on Feb. 23, in a kaleidoscope of colorful pieces, under the theme “Mardi Gras,” to celebrate Guyana’s 47th Republic Anniversary, and Mashramani festivities.

After taking home a third place win last year, the hugely popular group is already attracting revelers to its pre-registration register4m[email protected] inbox, ahead of the Georgetown registration, which will begin on Feb. 16, at Sleep-in International Hotel on Brickdam.

Brian K. Roberts CEO of the multimedia Honest Illusions, likes to present themes away from the norm each year, bringing a freshness to not only the costumes, designed by Preston Paul, but the structure in which the band performs.

There is sense of structure and order when the band revel down the street, and since the true spirit of carnival is an individual one, and the inner soul of the revealer, Roberts allows free-flow of creativity to suit the reveler’s taste.

The band’s vivid hues, in a dazzling array of motif, will be matched with headpieces of feathers, beads and sequins. The frontline will showcase the popular skimpy, one-piece and two-piece bikini outfits, mostly worn by fashion models.

However, women could choose from boy shorts, and other cover-up designs, for a customized fit. The same goes for male revelers who will participate when some 300 masqueraders vie for the prize in five sections.

Roberts said the designs would be conceptualized in New York, and taken to Georgetown for completion, allowing revelers to choose their design. And because of the band’s popularity, more pieces would be available to accommodate last-minute revelers, many, who had to be turned away last year.

The costumes are reasonably priced according to customization.

Masqueraders will be accompanied by a yet to be named deejay, as well at the music of popular Soca Monarch Jumo whose video — “Harder”— directed by Brian K. Roberts, will be released on Feb. 16, the same day as the band launch.

“We want revelers to come out and have a good time,” said Roberts, who wants to assure masquerades that lots of food and drink will be provided along the parade route.

To view costumes, go to

Email – register4m[email protected] Follow Honest Illusions on facebook and Instagram to learn more.

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