Noel to sing ‘Golden Arrowhead’ in Brooklyn

Noel to sing ‘Golden Arrowhead’ in Brooklyn
Courtney Noel in his Golden Arrowhead costume revving up a crowd at GCA Folk Festival in Brooklyn, recently.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

Fresh from a crowd-pleasing performance at Guyana’s Golden Jubilee celebrations in Georgetown, singer / songwriter, Courtney Noel is gearing up to take the stage on June 12 at South Shore High School in Brooklyn, to recreate that glorious moment at Guyana’s 50th Independence Anniversary in New York.

Known as the ‘Golden Arrowhead Man” for his successful 15-year old song “Golden Arrowhead” — a tribute to the nation’s flag that shot him to fame, Noel, a talented poet, and entertainer, says lyrics are very important to music, and expressed how excited he is to showcase his verses that celebrate his culture.

“I always stress the importance of lyrics,” said Noel who broke out singing his track “Golden Arrowhead.” “Some people see land they want it, money and power they flaunt it, but we say no, we are not giving up, we will fight to the last drop, don’t believe all the things they tell you they will lie to you to get what they want.”

“A land of Gold and Diamond — Guyanese abroad come back home, come and see what’s really going on, don’t believe the things they tell you — I love My Golden Arrowhead.

“From the Land of Many Waters, come people of many cultures, African, Indian, Amerindian, Chinese, and Portuguese, coming together, in harmony.”

Noel, whose stage costume depicts the red, white, green, gold and black colors of Guyana’s Golden Arrowhead flag, told Caribbean Life before his performance at the ceremony in Georgetown, that being at D’Urban Park for the flag raising ceremony was a very emotional experience for him, because he grew up in the same region where he enjoyed horse racing at D’Urban Park, and it felt nostalgic being back there 50 years later.

His new release, “Moving Forward Together Unite Guyana” is a direct message to Guyana’s progress and the unity of its people after its 50th Independence Anniversary, said Noel who spoke proudly of his love for Guyana.

“I am a proud Guyanese,” said the popular entertainer who will partner with new media professionals to release his music and movie whichchronicles an inter-racial love story.

And when the budding star is not writing music and performing, he fights for world peace at the United Nations where he has worked for more than a decade.

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