Now Cricket West Indies

Now Cricket West Indies
Cricket West Indies President Dave Cameron.

The cricket board for West Indies, on its 91st anniversary earlier this month, has re-branded itself as Cricket West Indies (CWI) from the former West Indies Cricket Board (WICB).

The board also announced in a media release on their official website that the cricket team from now on will be officially known as “WINDIES.”

The release also quoted the board’s CEO Johnny Graves as saying that the name Cricket West Indies “better reflects how the organization operates.”

CWI President Dave Cameron said the name “is more inclusive and appropriate” as the board wants to recognize the “valuable role that our players, territorial boards, staff, supporters, governments, coaches, match officials and volunteers, play in the organization.”

The name “Windies’ has been associated with cricket teams that have been representing the Caribbean islands in a more colloquial way. The team, once regarded as one of the most feared in the game, has been on the decline since the past few years.

This year, the team also failed to make it to the ICC Champions Trophy and a series of defeats in ODI cricket have led to their automatic disqualification from the 2019 ICC World Cup in jeopardy.

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