Old friends to spark fireworks on Bklyn boardwalk

On New Year’s Eve, the ball will fall in Times Square but Brooklyn gets the nod for lighting the skies with fireworks while bidding farewell to 2015.

On a night when tourists and New York residents seek out affordable, fun places to usher in the new year, crowds annually pile into the central, Manhattan location, however, this year Brooklyn — seaside or parkside — is among the choices for viewing a lightshow that will countdown the year.

Beginning at 11 pm, Prospect Heights, Grand Army Plaza will be fireworks central for a spectacular fireworks display.

Earlier in the evening at 8 p.m., Luna Park, Coney Island, the Steeplechase Pavilion at West 16th and the Boardwalk will be open to guests willing to experience some of the most iconic rides — the Thunderbolt and Carousel.

As a matter of fact, the Carousel will be free but the Thunderbolt will deliver that expected jolt at the regular summer price.

Both rides will operate from 8 pm to 11 p.m.

According to the Alliance for Coney Island “This one of a kind New Year’s Eve Celebration will feature fireworks, music, entertainment, on-site food options and much more.”

Regardless of the choice of any one of the three high-profile locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn, “Auld Lang Syne” will be the song to sing.


In 2015 it seemed as if celebrity news trumped pressing international crises stories.

An international conference in Paris, France on global warming did not garner as much attention as the continuing saga surrounding allegations of sexual abuse charges against beloved TV “father” Bill Cosby.

Cosby had secured a place in pop culture as one of the best role models of a father from the role he portrayed as Dr. Cliff Huxtable on a television show named for him. His profile changed radically when a long and lingering news story released an unending list of women claiming unwillingness to oblige the star in sexual activity.

News on the celebrity star seemed to endear readers thirsting for updates.

Although belated with claims of sexual abuse and induced drugs against them, the accusers seemed to have waited past legal statutory limitations to announce their unfortunate encounter with the star.

In news items, reports were that Cosby went from being a role model to an individual that ‘rolls models.’

The Cosby debacle was temporarily knocked off the front pages with his disgraced plight slipping to inside pages when actor Charley Sheen confessed he had been living with the HIV-virus.

Sheen’s foray into cautionary, self-exposure did not persist in media as long as the Cosby cases.

While the two thespians certainly harnessed a huge portion of the star news spotlight in 2015, no one rivaled the perpetual spotlight of political news as Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

From the first moment he announced his intent to run, he commanded attention. The real estate businessman and former host of television reality show “The Apprentice” challenged a long list of contenders in his own party and into 2016 remains tops yielding a wide margin of lead from seasoned politicians, governors and perceived highly rated contenders.

Despite the fact, the billionaire continues to make more than a few with statements about decisions he would make if elected, many more agree with his stance and are rallying support for his campaign.

Trump is not only in the land-acquisition business he is also a former owner of the Miss Universe pageant. For 15 years, he was owner and after controversy surrounding statements he made about Mexicans which resulted in NBC severing ties with his hosting of “The Apprentice” Trump reportedly sold the pageant six months ago for a record price.

And while the star wars rage, Trump was among the voices boosting an argument of how he would have handled the gaffe made by funnyman Steve Harvey when he announced the wrong winner of the contest two weeks ago.

Trump said if he still owned the pageant, “It would not have happened.”

“I would have made them (Miss Colombia and Miss Philippines) a co-winner.”

Sparks flew when Harvey told the Las Vegas, Nevada audience that he had erred in naming the South American queen winner instead of first runner-up, Miss Philippines.

Confusion and media a mayhem spanned continents and viewers unsure about how the mistake would affect the credibility of the pageant.

In the end, Harvey apologized profusely accepting responsibility for his error and ensuring that the bejeweled tiara placed on Ariadna Gutierez, Miss Colombia’s head would rightfully adorn Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, the Asian monarch.

But the biggest battle of all was George Lucas’ seventh installment of the Star Wars films “The Force Awakens.”

The film grossed a massive billion dollars in only two weeks and is now the fastest grossing box office film ever.

May the Force continue to be with you and yours in 2016.

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