One-party politics must end: Granger

One-party politics must end: Granger
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

Leader of Guyana’s parliamentary majority, David Granger, has called for the end of 50 years of one-party politics in the South American country. The possibility that a single party can rule the deeply divided country has been completely exhausted, he added.

“I think we are in for a very difficult period if the PPP does not change its attitude towards inclusionary democracy,” said Granger.

One of the APNU’s central policies has been the establishment of national unity, with the promise to create a Department of Diaspora to bring the system up to modern technology, he said in an exclusive interview with Caribbean Life at APNU headquarters at Congress Place in Georgetown.

This department, he added, will make it easy for overseas Guyanese nationals to transact business, while making the country a safe place to live and visit. He also issued a call to expatriate Guyanese to return home to invest and participate in “what we had hoped would be a new era of development.”

Accompanied by APNU Deputy Leader Dr. Rupert Roopnaraine, Granger his disappointment at the minority party, stating that it was too soon to say what the outcome would be because there was no indication that President Donald Ramotar has changed from the last 19 years of PPP/C approach.

“We have championed the cause for governance of national inclusive democracy but we have not seen similar indications from the PPP/C, said Granger.

President Ramotar has named a purely PPP Cabinet, ‘this is not a sign of inclusivity, and not a good sign of shared governance, argues Granger.

“I can’t speak for him but right now we are astonished that a party with a minority should be so exclusive in its approach to governance,” added Granger.

“We have lost too much talent, this group of people could make a huge investment in Guyana, that is why we will continue to work through the National Assembly to facilitate the involvement of re-migration in order to boost Guyana’s economy for development.

Deputy Leader Dr. Roopanarine said the APNU campaigned with a thrust to rid the country of poverty and joblessness that has plagued young people. “We promised to secure a better life for all. This is why Guyanese came out and voted for this party.”

He questioned why people who return to invest in Guyana have to wait a record 140 days to be processed. “We intend to strengthen institutions that deal with oversight so that we can bring efficiency to this situation.

Granger added that the difficulty to purchase land has not been an isolated matter for one person.

Granger said that from its position in the National Assembly, the APNU will be able to use its legislative clout to bring about the change promised to the Guyanese people.

“We will not be deterred, we will continue to work to improve the lives of our people, particularly the youth, and making the country safe.