Open Letter to The Mayor

I am concerned about the allegations of impropriety that have been made regarding the New York City Housing Authorit y (NYCHA) ove r past few months. These allegations, combined with a call for a City Council investigation into the matter, have shed light on the need for major impro vements and reform at NYCHA. My office has had a good working relationship with NYCHA, and I feel that our offices can work to find solutions for the future of this important agency, instead of trying to place blame.

As you reevaluate the organizational structure ofNYCHA, I request that the borough president of each county be permitted to appoint a volunteer member to NYCHA’s Board of Directors. As you know, the offices of the borough presidents have a special insight to the pulse of our public housing developments, and are actively engaged in the issues that face these developments on a daily basis. Thanks to the work of our constituent services staff and our capital allocations, we have collectively been able to serve as a frontline option for NYCHA residents in resolving critical deficiencies.

Please allow us to bring this knowledge and expertise to assist you in maintaining NYCHA as the nation’s premier housing authority. (I look forward to hearing from you on this critical matter.

Ruben Diaz, Jr.

Bronx Borough President