Over 1,000 vote on Advance Polling Day in BVI

Over 1,000 vote on Advance Polling Day in BVI
British Virgin Islands Governor Gus Jaspert.
Photo via Gov.UK

Supervisor of Elections in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) Juliette Penn says that 1,120 persons voted on Advance Polling Day on Feb. 21 and not 1,118 as was previously reported.

Penn said the oversight was reported in the First District, where 140 votes were cast and not 138 as was first reported.

“This is an increase of 234 votes from the last election, where a total of 886 ballots were cast,” she said.

Penn said the polls opened from 9 am until 2 pm at nine stations in the Territory.

The Amendments to the Elections Act of 1994 permits a voter who is incapacitated by reason of being an elderly person, illiterate, or any physical cause to be able to vote with the assistance of a friend, Penn said.

She said the term “friend” also includes family and relatives.

“This category of voter has the option to take advantage of Advance Polling Day,” the Supervisor of Elections said.

With the recent passing of the Elections (Amendment) Act, 2019, Penn said new provisions for Advance Poll were introduced.

She said persons on remand and persons traveling in advance of the date of the General Elections can now vote at Advance Poll.

Penn said Advance Polling Day is also for election officers and police officers who will work on Polling Day, Monday, Feb. 25.

“The Office of the Supervisor of Elections is committed to ensuring fair and clean elections,” the statement said.

BVI Government said 41 candidates will be contesting the February 25 poll.

Twenty-five candidates, including four political parties and one independent, will contest the elections in nine districts, while 15 candidates will contest the poll as At-Large Candidates.

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