Pastor Neithe Soleyn views Israeli-Hamas War from ‘prophetical, historical perspective’

Pastor the Rev. Dr. Neithe Soleyn delivers the sermon at the funeral service for Vincentian soccer star Elliott “Morey” Millington in August 2023.
Photo by Nelson A. King

As the Israeli-Hamas War continues, a Vincentian-born, Brooklyn-based veteran pastor says her views on the conflict are from a “Biblical prophetical and historical perspective.” “In the month of October of 2023, when I looked at the evening news and heard of the war that started between Hamas and Israel, I felt it could be a Biblical prophetical outbreak of a war, according to my knowledge in God’s Word,” the Rev. Dr. Neithe Soleyn, the founder and senior pastor at Faith Deliverance Pentecostal Church of God (FAITHPCOG), on Flatlands Avenue, in the Canarsie, Brooklyn, told Caribbean Life exclusively on Tuesday.

“In reading the scriptures in an orderly manner, I was left with few thoughts concerning Israel that cannot be erased – one of which, ‘every king who was called to lead Israel’, must follow Jehovah in God’s holy commands,” added Pastor Soleyn, who is also the founder of N. Soleyn Outreach Bible Seminary. “If the king rebelled or disobeyed the laws, the hand of God would be against him. If the people of Israel followed their leader to disobey the Lord, they, too, would be punished.

“Although God made a covenant with Abraham saying, ‘In thy seed shall all of the Nations be blessed (Genesis 22:18), obedience remains the key to Israel’s favor with God and all other people,” continued Dr. Soleyn, a former administrator and professor at New York Theological Seminary. “As many in the world looked on, I was comforted to pray to God in the name of Jesus for peace and deliverance for Israel and the other nations.”

She said her desire for peace for all people comes from a Born-Again Christian life.

“The position I hold in my communities is a divine call by God through Christ Jesus,” Pastor Soleyn said. “This vocation enables me to call as many people to seek and pray together with me unto our God of heaven to stop the war quickly, realizing the suffering, death of human lives, destruction of lives, famine, diseases, homelessness, separation of families and more.

“There are untold number of people who have seen and experienced the horror of war,” she added. “We must not forget World War II and other wars. As we see, war is not something for the human race to welcome. I believe the very beast of the field is horrified in wars.”

Rev. Soleyn, the author of “Hit Hard, Score High, Triumphant Over Hard Trials: How To Be Happy, Rich and Healthy”, said the writings are recorded in the Bible that God created the world without sin and made man in Jehovah’s image.

She said Israel became the heir to the everlasting blessings that Jehovah pronounced on Jacob, and that this nation was exiled in Egypt for 400 years.

Pastor Soleyn, a former public school teacher in New York, noted that the Bible records that the grandson of Esau, whose name was Amalek, made war with Israel and refused to give them passage to go into the promised Caanan.

“The Bible states that it displeased God, and forbid Israel to settle with them and follow their ways,” she said. “These two nations fought, and Israel defeated them. Jehovah sworn their will be war between them throughout their generations (Exodus 17:8-16).

“Are these the same Esau’s descendants who are battling with Israel as Hamas in Palestine at this present time?” she asked. “No, it does not appear as some of us might have taught. It is researched that the Edomites is not fighting currently. It is predicted Israel would have fought with many nations, but God will deliver her (Isaiah 54).”

Pastor Soleyn – who holds a Master’s in Divinity from New York Theological Seminary and a Doctorate in Theology from International Theological Seminary in California – said kings and kingdoms were established with Israel and other nations, and that Israel was forbidden to walk and served other Gods of wood and more, when they settled in the Promised Land.

“Often times, they sinned against God and forsake Jehovah for other Gods,” she said. “The Lord forsook them and gave them up to the other nations. Some of their Kings did evil. They were defeated by their enemies. God remembered the Lords’ covenant that was made with him and Abraham. When they repented, God forgive their sins and promised they will be restored as a nation with joy and peace.

“Christ Jesus preached, taught against sin, including hate, murder, stealing,” Rev. Soleyn added. “Jesus healed the sick, raised the dead and miraculously fed multitude. In the Lords’ sermons, he beseeched them to turn from their wicked ways and turned to His Father God.

“In some of the prophesies, they were told, in the last days, there will be wars; nation will rise up against nations,” she continued. “There will be great sorrow, but they must possess their souls… and more (Luke 21). Let us continue to pray for the bereaved and peace to the end.”

Pastor Soleyn said that, when she heard that Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had declared war to “wipe out” Hamas, she asked, “How can he get this done? Is he Living a life pleasing unto God through Christ Jesus, for the Lord to speak to him?

“I have kept quiet, except praying for the nations, because I read and understood wars are predicted in the end-time,” she said. “Likewise, I heard on the news that Hamas’s goal is to wipe out Israel. In having all these nations come up against Israel, how can they win?

“We can ask ourselves, with Hamas, Israel, Russia, Sudan and other countries, is the world on a verge for World War III?” she added. “God has promised to restore unto Israel what she has lost. Should Israel obey God’s word, ‘thou shalt not kill’, can this be the way God would vindicate the nation with peace?”

Dr. Soleyn said Jesus has not only come to save Israel but also the whole world.

“Jesus was sent for this cause, for all men to come unto Him through their word,” she said. “God sent Him to die for the sins of the world. Let all the nations turn away from their wicked ways. Begin to love one another through Christ Jesus. You will receive peace and then give up you sins (John 3:16). In Christ, there is salvation for all nations.”

Pastor Soleyn queried whether Netanyahu is looking at the Old Testament era in Israel’s war with Hamas; or is it his goal to murder, so he can “gain God’s paradise?”

“He should hear from God for direction,” she urged. “His soul and all the others will be saved. God has promised Jehovah will work and save Israel.

“It is written in the scriptures that the Lord will bless nations that bless Israel,” Pastor Soleyn added. “On the other hand, God’s promise remains in blessing them. In this age, everyone should turn from their sins for eternal life’s reward.

“I call on all people to be watchful, according to Christ, and put away your sinful works before God’s eternal judgment (‘Come unto me all ye labor…I will give you rest’: Matthew  11:28-30)”.

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