Power Jam Radio celebrates 8th anniversary with millions of fans, inspiring programming

Guyanese-born Sheon O Sampson, a debenor dresser, who is the owner and CEO of Caribbean Power Jam Radio, located at 169 Remson Ave. in Brooklyn, celebrates eight successful years broadcasting stirring entertainment, and inspiring content to the community.
Photo courtesy Sheon Sampson

Caribbean Power Jam Radio, a hugely popular online broadcasting portal with millions of fans, and inspiring content, celebrated its 8th Anniversary on May 14 according to Guyanese American founder and CEO, Shoan O. Sampson.

Sampson, a promoter, radio personality, social media, and marketing strategist for small businesses, is elated at the incredible strides the media platform has made since launching the in 2016, with a small listenership, that skyrocketed to become one of the top radios in New York, that amassed mega programing.

From politics, to entertainment, health and wellness, views and interviews, Caribbean Power Jam, located at 169 Remsen Ave. in Brooklyn, has raised the bar to historic listenership due to its bandwidth that stretches to cities across America.

Stating on his Facebook page: “Happy 8th anniversary to us here at Caribbean Power Jam Radio.” Sampson, a popular, humble, and well-liked media mogul, thanked fans for their support, adding, “today, we take a moment to reflect on the profound impact and influence that this radio station has had on the world.”

“Caribbean Power Jam Radio stands as a beacon, offering uplifting programs for the mind, body, and soul. It has become a vital for professionals, enthusiasts, and fans to connect, share their experiences and knowledge, and revel in their shared love for music,” he said of the radio, that has welcomed elected officials, medical professionals, entertainment personalities, and entrepreneurs.

Sampson, who recently welcomed Dr. Irfaan Ali, President of Guyana, and previously, then Mayor of Georgetown, Ubraj Narine, and recently, Roystale Ford, candidate for Guyana’s Opposition Party, PNC-R, stated,“Our journey began with a vision to provide millions of Caribbean people in the United States and around the globe with a dedicated platform to express their passion for music and information.”

“On the 14th of May 2016, Caribbean Power Jam Radio was launched, and since then, it has blossomed into one of the most beloved Caribbean radio stations globally.”

“We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all those who have made this station a success story,” said the admired individual, who had been called a welcoming person, who continues to host sold-out events in Brooklyn, like his annual Boat Cruise, Jammers Ball, and the “Big People Party,” that attracted hundreds at the 2024 reunion.

Naming a slew of personalities to have graced the radio station, Sampson, a debonair dresser, recounted, that presidents, mayors, congressmen and congresswomen, judges, lawyers, city councils, to hosting renowned artists from around the world — big names such as Morgan Heritage Family, Sizzla Kalonji, Dancehall Queen Spice, and Luciano, were featured on Power Jam Radio.

Additionally, Simpson thanked persons such as Mikey, Glen Washington, Protoje, Nesbeth, Jahmiel, Etana, Anthony B, Everton Blender, Warrior King, Baby Cham, Yami Bolo, Rob Symeonn, Khago, Mad Cobra, Kiprich, Masicka, Shenseea, Future Fambo, Curvy Diva, Savage, Linny First, and Natural Black.

Lisa Punch, Tameka Marshall, Mystic, Nesta Nelson, Lia Givenchy, Fojo Man, Jackie Jaxx, Jumo Primo, Adrian Dutchin, Blaze Antonio, Gaddie G, Little, Kapa Shanti, Anisha, Anthony Malvo, Mr. Aubrey Mann, Darrio, J-Angel, Screechie Dan, Dy-Dy, Ajrenalin, Mr. Easy, Tanto Metro, Devonte, Boom Steppa, Mr. Glamarus, Isasha, Prophet Benjimin, Hah Melody, Kreema, Cassius, and many others, contributed to the popularity of the radio station.

He said contributions from Soca stars including Denise Belfon, Iwer George, Farmer Nappy, Tall Pree, Hypa Sounds, Motto, Lyrikal, Skinny Banton, Hypa 4000, Kerry Jhon, Yung Image, Shortpree, Slatta, Preedy, Terry Gadraj, Zoelan, Yung Voice, were also interviewed on the platform, while Spanish entertainers such as Japanese, Coko Torres, Junior B, Miguel Angel, David L. have been instrumental in shaping the legacy of Caribbean Power Jam Radio, described as a dynamic and vibrant radio station.

“As we celebrate our 8th anniversary, we look back on our journey with pride and gratitude. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this incredible adventure. Here’s to many more years of music, connection, and inspiration,” said Sampson.