Prayer and funds for prizefighter’s recovery

Prayer and funds for prizefighter’s recovery|Prayer and funds for prizefighter’s recovery
Photo by Tangerine Clarke|Photo by Tangerine Clarke

Prizefighter Clive Atwell knelt before the altar of Safe Harbor Ministries in Jamaica, Queens last Sunday, July 17, as Pastor Jean Kissoon placed her hands on his head and prayed for his recovery, saying because of God’s grace, the boxer my not have to undergo the urgent surgery he said he urgently needs.

Atwell, himself a preacher in his rural Agricola village church in Guyana, is not only in need of much prayer, he is also keeping the faith that he would reach his financial goal of $25,000, necessary for his second brain surgery.

To this end, humanitarian, and businessman Tony Singh who read a Caribbean Life article written by this reporter, invited the fighter to church to pray, and to help the Guyanese hero.

Singh teamed up with Pastor Jean Kissoon who blessed Atwell at the morning service of healing, after which, Singh donated a check for $1,000.00, and then passed around a collection plate that added an extra $450.00, to help the champ on his way to recovery.

Singh told the congregation that he had never met the boxer before, but was touched by his plight.

“I immediately called Tangerine, after reading her story, and inquired how I could support Mr. Atwell, because when people are in desperate need we must show kindness, and I wanted to be first to help him with his medical expenses,” said the founder of Calvary’s Mission Food Pantry, in Queens.

Atwell who has been a boxer for 17, of his 27-year life, suffers from numbness in his feet, while experiencing constant pain in his body and head. He also suffers from memory lapses, but endured the pain as he stood and thanked patrons, and told Pastor Kissoon, he sensed the spirit of God when he walked through the church door.

“Honor your leader, because your destiny is a part of your spiritual needs,” preached the sportsman, who called himself a hero, and the only Three-division registered boxer since 1980, who represented the country at the 2007 games.

Atwell further stated that he felt disappointed that neither the previous, or current Guyana government has reached out to him to aid him with his medical emergency.

“If it were not for my wife, Altivi, and my faith in God I would not be here today,” said the champ, adding that after being sent home from the hospital partially blind, he fell into deep depression, and contemplated committing suicide.

“It is now three months past the due date for my second surgery, and my condition is becoming worse. My legs are numb, when I get out of bed, it’s like I have to warm up my legs before I can walk,” said Atwell who complimented Dr. Dookie of the Georgetown Hospital for the lifesaving surgery he said, many don’t survive.

“I am grateful that my two-year-old son Alexander cannot comprehend what I am going through,” said Atwell, a youth ambassador and national hero who advocates for youth in his homeland.

Mrs. Atwell spoke passionately of the boxer’s harrowing tragedy that left them deep in debt.

Clive ‘the Punisher’ Atwell could be reached at, and (347) 654–1818 to contribute, or to buy a Tee shirt emblazoned with the fighter’s image, for a donation of $20.00.

Pastor Jean Kissoon pray for Prizefighter Clive Atwell, and his wife Altavi at Safe Harbor Ministries in Queens.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke