Queen Elizabeth honors Guyanese teacher

Queen Elizabeth honors Guyanese teacher|Queen Elizabeth honors Guyanese teacher
Marva Langevin, decked out in a creation by Guyanese fashion designer, Jason Shurland.
Marva Langevin

Twenty-five-year-old Guyanese, Marva Langevine, wore a blue pantsuit, designed by Guyanese fashion Jason Shurland and made history when she accepted the Queen’s Young Leadership Award from Her Majesty The Queen of England at Buckingham Palace.

The West Coast Demerara teacher outstretched both hands as she was presented with the prestigious honor, on June 26, during the Royal’s leadership ceremony that began four years ago.

Langevine, one of 240 powerful young leaders from 53 Commonwealth countries, who are creating change to make the world a better place, was recognized for the outstanding work she is doing to transform lives in her community in Guyana.

During her fourth such ceremony the Queen Elizabeth II, was joined by The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Princess Meghan, in honoring the group of youths from around the world for their exceptional contributions.

Langevine, before jetting off to London said, “I am beyond excited to set off to London for the Queen’s Young Leaders Program. I extend my gratitude to Her Majesty The Queen and the amazing organizing team for the invaluable support and networking opportunity through this prestigious program.”

The experience,” she continued, “has been revolutionary thus far and I am deeply moved by the increased support for bereaved children in Guyana.”

“I am eager to meet my fellow Queen’s Young Leaders to grow and develop as a strong network committed to making a difference,” said the former Miss Guyana World Pageant contestant, who according to reports, was selected following a competitive process involving thousands of applicants across the Commonwealth.

Langevine was selected following a competitive process involving thousands of applicants across the Commonwealth. Together they join a network of 240 powerful young leaders, from 53 Commonwealth countries, who are driving change to make the world a better place.

She received the award for the work she is doing to transform the lives of bereaved, sick and underprivileged children and families in Guyana.

As a Queen’s Young Leader, she has gained access to bespoke mentoring and training through the University of Cambridge’s Institute of Continuing Education, designed to develop their leadership skills further, and to ensure they are best placed to lead the way in the future to tackle some of the world’s most pressing issues.

The Queen’s Young Leaders network forms a unique, dedicated and powerful group of young people who will connect, collaborate and change lives together for years to come, while finding solutions to global issues such as climate change, food scarcity, gender-based violence, mental health, and access to education

And to further support youths in their future endeavors, a £200,000 Legacy Fund has been created, from which all of 240 Queen’s Young Leaders and 282 highly commended runners-up, apply for grants that will help elevate their work and enable them to work together.

Speaking at the awards ceremony, His Royal Highness The Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, who was recently named a Commonwealth Youth Ambassador said: “In this rapidly changing world, it is heartening to meet so many inspiring young people gathered here today, who have already stepped up as leaders and improved the lives of so many people across the Commonwealth.

“You are the hope and optimism the world needs and we will all do whatever we can to support you in it,” he noted.

Each and every one of our 240 Young Leaders is a remarkable and exceptional young person, who I have no doubt will play an important role in shaping our future world. It has been an absolute privilege and delight to get to know them,” said Prince Harry.

Marva Langevin accepts the Queen Young leadership Award from Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II, at Buckingham Palace in London.
Marva Langevin

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