‘Queen of Soca’ crowdfunding

‘Queen of Soca’ crowdfunding|‘Queen of Soca’ crowdfunding
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Producers of the film “Queen of Soca” being shot in Trinidad and Tobago are now crowdfunding to complete the movie. The movie is said to be 85 percent completed and the plan is to release it in cinemas nationwide by the middle of this year.

According to the producers “This is your opportunity to be part of it. We are raising $15,000US to complete the film. No, we are not asking you to give us $15,000. We are not asking for a donation, you actually receive a reward for contributing.”

“We have made it quite easy and simple for everyone to make a pledge and it starts as low as $US5 (TT$35.00). We would send out the warmest, public thank you on our social media platforms and our seed and spark page. We have 15 days to reach our goal and if we don’t reach our goal, all funds will be returned to the respectful funder. Your support can assist with the development of the film industry and the diversification of the nation,” said the producers.

Kevin Adams, writer and director of “Queen of Soca” said “growing up in the United States I was fascinated by Spike Lee’s ‘Do The Right Thing’ and John Singleton’s, ‘Boyz in the Hood, as they brought African Americans stories to life. I would like to do the same for the Caribbean by telling stories of women and people of color across all the islands.”

Queen of Soca is about the choices and risks a person makes to determine who they will become. It focuses on the struggle and courage of a young black girl in search of adulthood hoping to change her life of a lesser meaning. The film touches on religion, classism, sexuality and the soca industry said Adams.

Olivia, (Terri Lyons) a 25-year-old street vendor and lead singer in a church choir must decide whether to pursue her dream of becoming a Soca star competing against her idol Deja, four times winner of the biggest Soca competition in Trinidad, and risking the relationship with her religious mother (Penelope Spencer) who hates Soca.

Lead actress Penelope Spencer (right) with lead lead Terri Lyons.
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