Ramotar Dethroned

Guyana’s National Stadium on the East Bank of Demerara will become a sea of yellow and green when thousands gather to commemorate the country’s 49th year of independence, and witness the historic inauguration ceremony of the Republic’s Eighth Executive President, and the leader of the party, His Excellency Arthur Granger.

Guyana that became an Independent nation on May 26, 1966 will celebrate this poignant moment with citizens of the South American country, which was ruled by the People’s Progressive Party for the last 23 years amid alleged widespread corruption and extrajudicial killings.

The momentous occasion of a new government was cemented with a swearing-in ceremony on Saturday, May 17 on the balcony of the country’s Parliament Building where President Granger felt it was important to be in a public place amongst the masses for this historic moment.

The retired brigadier promised to be a “good President” for all Guyana and a good President for all Guyanese.

“We are ‘One Nation.’ And that is why we see the way forward through the establishment of a government of national unity — one that serves every citizen — not just a chosen few; one that serves all our regions — hinterland and coastland,” said Granger.

Granger extended a hand of national unity to the Opposition, People’s Progressive Party and said he intends to work close with the politicians in several areas and hopes they will be willing to work with his government for the development of Guyana.

Images of thousands of citizens were captured, some with tears streaming down their cheeks, while others embraced each other in jubilation onside the capital city’s public building.

Granger’s party that galvanized the vote with a promise to unite the deeply divided country of 10 regions came out victorious after a fierce battle against the previous government that never officially conceded the elections.

One week after the May 11 polling, the Elections Commission declared the APNU+AFC Coalition the winner amidst screams from the opposition that the incoming government rigged the general and regional elections.

In a statement to Caribbean Life, state Sen. John Sampson, who is of Guyanese heritage, said Guyana’s new day has begun. “Congratulations to the Government and the citizens of this strong nation. You have emerged as a united people forging towards a common destiny,” said the politician. “Your sacrifice and belief in a stronger, unified and progressive nation have brought you to this juncture. Continue in your homage and service to making the future brighter for all.”

Guyanese-born Ingrid Joseph, Justice of the Civil Court of Queens County congratulated the new government and President David Granger, saying she looks forward to the changes the new government will make, and the work it will do to move Guyana forward.

Joseph, who also serves as an acting judge of the Kings County Supreme Court, Civil Term, added, “Good luck in keeping the government a democracy that would work for all its people.”

“I join my fellow Guyanese and those around the world, in saluting and congratulating Mr. David Granger and the Executive of the APNU+AFC Coalition on the historic victory in the May 11, 2015 General and Regional Elections, said Guyanese-American Sherif Fraser,

District Manager of the City Of New York Community Board 17 in Brooklyn. “I remain confident in your commitment that under your vision and leadership, you will carry on the process of reform necessary to move Guyana forward socially, economically and politically. A heartfelt congratulations and I wish you every success with your newly assumed responsibilities.”

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