Rosalind Kilkenny-McLymont releases new volume titled ‘Lifted’

Five-time author Rosalind Kilkenny McLymont seen here at a past Network Journal Awards ceremony in New York City.
Five-time author Rosalind Kilkenny McLymont seen here at a past Network Journal Awards ceremony in New York City.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

Award-winning author Rosalind Mclymont, who received Guyana’s Golden Arrowhead Award of Achievement, and honored by the New York Association of Black Journalists, and the International Black Women’s Congress to name a few, recently unveiled her fifth book, titled “Lifted.”

McLymont, who also penned best-selling fictional “Middle Ground and The Guyana Contract,” and non-fiction titles, “Africa-Strictly Business” the steady march to prosperity, and co-author of the Walter E. Massey memoir, “In the Eye of the Storm – My Time as Chairman of the Bank of America During the Country’s Worse Financial Crisis,” in a release to this publication, described “Lifted — 150 Quotes that Motivate Highly Successful Black Women,” as an exclusive, unfiltered look at the words that ground, inspire, and guide extraordinary women in their career.

The author reasoned “You’re pedaling and pedaling toward your goal pushing against headwinds with everything you’ve got, but sometimes it feels as though you’re not moving at all. At other times, it is as if you’re sliding backwards.”

“How do you hold yourself steady on your path. Are there words to urge your tired legs to make one more turn on the peddle, she questioned, because that one more turn will lead to another, and another and another,” she added.

“I wrote lifted because I was so blown away by the quotations that women write, in the statement they submit to The Network Journal (TNJ) as recipients of its ’25 Influential Black Women in Business’ Award. I felt I had to share them — for the benefit of young people in general, but especially for the benefit of those who are about to embark on their own career journey and those who have already done so,” said the executive editor of the Network Journal.

McLymont, who taught English and Spanish in Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo and is a past fellow of the European Community Visitors Program, has over 30 years experience as a writer, speaker, and adviser to small and medium-sized companies on global business and entrepreneurship, some of whose books became mandatory reading in high schools and universities.

The gifted New York writer, once said that despite her various obligations, she always insists on giving an authentic voice to her story. The well-traveled and eloquent professional, does not believe there is such a description as a bad book review. She says she reads all her book reviews and refers to the negative ones as “constructive criticism.”

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