Sean Paul drops video for ‘Greatest’

Sean Paul.
Jamaican singer Sean Paul.
Photo by Charlotte Rutherford

Internationally-acclaimed dancehall icon Sean Paul has unveiled a vibrant music video for his latest single, “Greatest,” featured on the trailblazing Dutty Money Riddim.

Ronnie Thomlinson, the Brooklyn-based, Jamaican entertainment publicist, told Caribbean Life on Thursday that the video, directed by innovative director Ruption, is “a visual feast that perfectly complements the infectious energy of the track, with dynamic visuals and pulsating rhythms.”

Produced by Rvssian, renowned producer and owner of Head Concussion Records, Tomlinson, the chief executive officer of the New York-based Destine Media, said “’Greatest’ is a standout track on the Dutty Money Riddim, showcasing Sean Paul’s signature blend of dancehall and reggae-infused melodies.

“With its irresistible beats and catchy hooks, the song has already garnered widespread acclaim from fans and critics alike,” she said.

“The accompanying music video, shot in Jamaica with vibrant backdrops and captivating dance moves, captures the essence of the Caribbean spirit while showcasing Sean Paul’s magnetic presence and engaging delivery,” she added. “It is a testament to the dancehall icon’s unparalleled creativity and artistic vision.”

Sean Paul said, “working on this video was an incredible experience.

“I wanted to create something visually stunning that would capture the essence of the song and bring it to life in a vibrant and dynamic way,” she said. “I’m happy with the final result, and I hope fans enjoy it.”

Given the success of the Dutty Money Riddim, Tomlinson said “’Greatest’ is poised to become a summer anthem, further solidifying Sean Paul’s consistent presence in the dancehall sphere.

“The release of the music video is intended to captivate audiences worldwide,” she said.