Selecta A takes on Hail Selassie I

Japanese reggae producer Eisaku Selecta A Yamaguchi is paying tribute to Haile Selassie I in his latest compilation “Reggae Loves Jah.”

His last compilation, “Reggae Loves Africa,” is doing very well in Europe and in Belgium and it is also number two on the iTune Reggae Chart. This time around, the music compiler wants to do his part on the world stage by feathering this latest album.

According to Selecta A, he compiled this new album of reggae artists, who he claimed have paid homage to Haile Selassie I. And because Selassie I and Marcus Garvey said that we should go back to Africa, to him, it was the natural step to take. Explaining the reason why he was producing this album now, he said, “It was my idea to do a compilation of music appreciating Selassie I. I did it because I have a lot of friends and neighbors, who I was trying to give something to. I am using the concept in a way to show my support to the community.”

The quiet spoken Japanese contended that what he knew of Selassie I, is what he saw him (Selassie) do. He saw Selassie I, touching a lion and combined that with Garvey’s opinion, is really why he got interested in Selassie I, he confessed. He said the other reason was because when Selassie I, returned from England, all of the African nations came together.

“Jamaican Rastas know the history of Ethiopia, and where they came from. Selassie I may not know Reggae, but Rastas and Reggae are forever linked to Selassie I and Ethiopians. Also, Rastas themes and captions are linked through Selassie’s messages. Moreover, through Reggae music, Selassie messages’ are carried-on,” revealed the Selector. “Basically, there are no journals respecting Selassie I besides Reggae music via Reggae artists, Rasta music is educational music,” he further explained.

In addition, Selecta A, noted that he was not doing these compilations because he thought they could sell. Most of the songs he had put together were already on the market since the 1980s. He conceded that he had never seen anyone put this type of music together before. And lamented that what he did, was put a bible together for people and a generation to come.

Selecta A said it was a good idea to create the compilation because he felt there were insufficient material to hand down to the next generation. He said, “I am trying to be a part of it. If I can help the movement to pass on the message to the next generation, then I am passing on the baton.” “I am the first Japanese to put these types of compilations together,” he stated.

“I think I am making history because Selassie I passed away in 1975, and I was born that same year; who would have thought,” he joked. Therefore, there is a parallel.

“This type of music is huge in Japan and Europe. I know these two markets are huge fans of this type music. I have confident in this album,” Selecta A announced.

The track list includes: “Our Father In Zion” by Buju Banton; “Praise Him” by Sanchez; “Praise Ye Jah” by Sizzla; “Greetings” by Half Pint; “Jah Is By My Side” by Tony Rebel; “Jah Works” by Terror Fabuious; “Jah Jah Bless Me” by Jah Cure; “Thanks and Praise” by Fantan Mojah; “Jah Blessing” by Luciano; “Jah Blessing” by Glen Washington; “Jah Jah Is The Ruler” by Garnet Silk; “Lighthouse” by Bushman, and “It’s Me Again Jah” (Live), by Luciano.

The contention here is to point out that these songs are literally on tons of albums out there, but all are not on one album as the Selector did it here. Reggae music lovers worldwide will not only love this album but it will become a collector’s item, and a must have.

Finally, in crediting his benefactor, Selecta A, explained that besides the money factor, he and VP Records think that they have to produce something that people will like and even though Reggae is not mainstream, people still want to hear and want to buy it.

The album’s executive producers are Eisaku Selecta A Yamaguchi and Chris Chin of VP Records.