A patron showcases a huge Golden Arrowhead flag, to celebrate her native land, which celebrated its 56th Independence Day on May 26.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

International superstar, and Guyanese Soca “Socadisiac” queen, Shelly G put on a sensational performance, revving up thousands at the return of the family fun day organized by the Guyana Association of Georgia Inc., (GAOG) on Sunday, May 29, after a two-year lockdown due to covid.

Dressed to perfection in a sexy jumpsuit, and waving the Golden Arrowhead flag of freedom, the beloved singer’s performance spilled into the audience, at the Lithonia Amphitheater, where she joined a conga line and reveled to her popular songs, “Swing It,” “Guyana,” and “Party Animal,” among others, much to the delight of thousands of fans.

International superstar, Shelly G, showing off a Golden Arrowhead flag, during her thrilling performance at the Lithonia Amphitheater, during the return of GAOG’s Family Fun Day, on Sunday, May 29.

Adrian Dutchin continued the Memorial Weekend presentation, with a thrilling energetic performance, with mega hits, “I am a Guyanese,” Tick Tock, fueling screams, and cheers, we want more, as he danced across the stage.

Popular media champion, Lady Sebrena, Mr. B, and Stacey Mollison, served as emcees. The trio kept the program rocking with infectious body movements and creativity, that made the event enjoyable, and bringing, to the stage, Kwe Kwe singer, Jeggae, Empress J, NY Super Terry One Man Band, and Toni Recordo, stilt dancers, and others.

Colorfully dressed nationals Paula Staton, Bernadette Greaves and Tangerine Clarke enjoy GAOG Family Fun Day, which returned after a two-year shutdown due to COVID-19.

HotLanta” was the perfect setting for families to campout on the grounds, that was saturated with food boots, Caribbean memorabilia, advertisers, Caribbean Shipping, and LaParkan Shipping, among others.

All proceeds from the family fun day, will go to a scholarship fund, and GAOG building expansion.

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