Shop Buju Banton debuts fashion show

jamaican Dancehall singer and businesssman, Buju Banton.
jamaican Dancehall singer and businessman, Buju Banton.
Freemind Photograph

Chief executive officer and president of Shop Buju Banton (reggae artist and philanthropist Buju Banton’s clothing line), Santresa McCarthy has announced the brand’s debut fashion show for April 10 at Lemon Grove (7610 NE 4th Court, Miami FL 33138) from 2:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

The fashion show, entitled “Blessed Brunch: Rip The Runway- Red, Gold and Green Edition,” includes the release of the brand’s “What Drives You’ collection, as well as “Crypto Rude Boys.”

McCarthy said that the event focuses on giving attendees a taste of the brand’s new direction moving forward.

The internationally known brand was founded on Jul. 15, 2017, and consists of women’s, kids and menswear.

“The entire collection focuses on creative designs collaborating directly with Buju Banton himself,” McCarthy said. “Originally the brand launched artwork that focused highly on Buju Banton’s image and legacy albums, however, it has transitioned into a lifestyle brand and, in true Buju Banton fashion, the brand is keen on motivating, educating and encouraging its supporters.

“Buju Banton’s clothing line aims to help spread a message of love and peace, paying homage to Africa, freedom and liberation, as well as conscious and inspirational themes with matching reference graphics,” she added.

A model sporting the Buju Banton brand. Freemind Photograph

“When we launched Shop Buju Banton, formerly known as Everything BB, my focus was to capture who the world knows as Buju Banton’s personality, creativity, and energy and express it through fashion,” McCarthy continued. “The music inspired everything we did. We’re excited that the company has grown and expanded to become more of a lifestyle brand. This way his fans and supporters can truly express themselves from clothing to home décor and more.”

Mark Myrie (Buju Banton), said: “Santresa, has the vision, drive, and dedication needed to continue to build this brand to the next level.

“The Fashion Show is designed in a way that will express the core of the Buju Banton brand.,” he said. “Over the years, my supporters have been a driving force and we want to give them something special they will remember.

“Each piece was designed with the intent to motivate and move the people forward,” Buju Banton added. “Now is the time to come together and do something powerful through fashion.”

McCarthy said guests can expect a non-traditional fashion show that infuses culture, music, food and, of course, fashion.

The event will be hosted by Correy K and features music by Karim Hype, Rory Stone Love, Steelie Bashment and DJ Country The Truth. and sponsored by Buju Banton,

“’Blessed Brunch: Rip the Runway- Red, Gold and Green Edition’ will give audiences a taste of what’s to come,” McCarthy said. “Special guests will be making appearances throughout the night, and there will also be opportunities to purchase exclusively at the event before the lines are released to the rest of the world.”