Sir Andy unhappy with quality of West Indies cricketers

Sir Andy: West Indies will continue to lose coaches
West Indies cricket legend, Andy Roberts.
Associated Press / Andres Leighton

Legendary West Indies fast bowler Sir Andy Roberts believes there needs to be more accountability at all levels of West Indies cricket if the team is to turn around its fortunes.

In a recent interview on the “Mason and Guest” radio cricket show on the Voice of Barbados, Sir Andy was adamant that fewer reasons were needed to justify the current performances of the West Indies team, who suffered consecutive massive innings defeats in their two Test series in New Zealand recently.

Sir Andy, a former West Indies coach himself said that only the players must review their planning and development process but also administrators throughout the hierarchy of Cricket West Indies (CWI) must re-assess their roles in the declining on-field outcomes.

“Everybody from the president right down to the last player- and I mean the regional players-everybody has to take stock and look at themselves, look in the mirror and just figure out where I am going wrong? Because there is something going wrong with West Indies cricket,” he said, adding “we are the only nation in world cricket who hasn’t improved in the last 15-20 years.”

“It is embarrassing. It has been embarrassing to see what is carrying on,” he added.

The former fast bowler said he was not and has not been surprised by the West Indies results in the last 15 years.

He suggested that the players needed to take pride in themselves and pursue their own self-development.

“We have absolutely no plan. We are not well prepared. Our domestic cricket needs to be restructured because we are not producing any cricketers. We not even producing T20 cricketers anymore,” he concluded.

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