Sir Hilary, SUNY to explore ‘The Caribbean Diaspora’

Sir Hilary Beckles.
Photo by George Alleyne

Sir Hilary Beckles, chairman of the Caribbean Reparation Commission will keynote an address billed “Exploring the Caribbean Diaspora” on Feb. 24 at SUNY State College.

During his presentation, the Barbadian, historian, cricketer and knight also acclaimed for being vice chancellor at the University of the West Indies (UWI) is expected to shed some light on the magnitude and might of immigrants from the region whose impact he is convinced has not been fully exploited.

Revered for presenting a 10-point plan on reparations, Beckles is reputed for delving into a myriad of topics during his discussions.

“His work has covered a variety of areas within the broader topic of Afro-Caribbean history with works covering early slave rebellions in Barbados, the role of women in the slave trade, and the greater effects of colonialism on present Barbadian society,” Wikipedia states.

“Other works have focused more specifically on Barbadian history, including education, telecommunications, the labor movement, and sporting culture” primarily the game of cricket which he has opined about in essays and papers.

Reportedly, Beckles was the driving force behind the establishment of the Centre for Cricket Research at the Cave Hill campus of UWI in 1994.

Following his keynote address, he will be joined by panelists and faculty members Nadine Wedderburn, SUNY Empire, Schenectady, Rosalind October-Edun, SUNY Empire, Brooklyn and Lear Matthews, SUNY Empire, Manhattan to discuss the community’s relevant concerns of immigrant organizations, pondering Caribbean identity — at home and abroad, and adjustment issues of Caribbean immigrants in the diaspora. Presented by the Black Male Initiative, the exploration begins at 12:30 pm at SUNY State College, 325 Hudson St. 3rd Floor.

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