Sizzla drops ‘Crown on Your Head’

Jamaican singer, Sizzla releases new single “Crown On Your Head.”
Shane Roberts and Tonja Evans

Sizzla, one of Jamaica’s most unrivalled musical talents, has returned to the reggae scene by dropping “Crown on Your Head” in providing much advice and encouragement to the public in dark times, according to Jamaican entertainment publicist Ronnie Tomlinson.

“On this new track, distributed by ONErpm, we can hear Sizzla juggling a range of his dynamic styles from deejaying, singing and even rapping,” the Brooklyn-based Tomlinson, of Destine Media, told Caribbean Life. “It’s an uplifting ballad accompanied by tasteful, inspirational, lyrical and salient messaging.

“Ever since the release of his debut album, ‘Burning Up,’ Sizzla has always strived for and managed to achieve a higher level of quality and success with each effort,” she added. “That work ethic has only increased over the years, as recognition for the irreplaceable contributions to music has increased.”

From as early as 1998, Tomlinson said Sizzla has been awarded a number of honors, including Best International Reggae Artist of the Year by the MOBO Awards; a Grammy nomination for his 2014 album, “The Messiah”; and the Reggae Icon Awards for contribution to the development of the music industry by the government of Jamaica in 2019.

“Sizzla is a decorated icon and staple in Jamaican music, and his musical return in 2021 is highly anticipated,” Tomlinson said. “’Crown on Your Head’ boasts an easy-going string and drum combination that is rhythmically reminiscent of a dancehall reggae mash up.”

She said this “smooth, new sound” also indicates “a bold new direction for the album.”

Yet, she said the subject matter, “which is thoughtful and inspirational,” is atypical of Sizzla.

“For as long as we have known this highly skilled artist, he’s been a huge motivator and proponent of positivity and inspiration for the people of Jamaica and the world,” Tomlinson said. “’Just One of Those Days’, ‘Rise to The Occasion’, and ‘Take Myself Away’, are just a few hits which are clear examples of his agenda to motivate the poor, the marginalized people within society.”

Known for being blunt, honest and straightforward in his lyrics, “Crown on Your Head” features some of Sizzla’s most recent messages of truth, Tomlinson said.

“Sizzla can be heard reminding us that we can’t run to institutions for help since they themselves are seeking help,” she said. “He instead reflects on its [their] ineptitude — ‘how to trust the system; it’s so defective.’”

“Crown on Your Head” is available on all streaming platforms.


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