‘Sleeping Beauty’ on display in Queens

‘Sleeping Beauty’ on display in Queens
Artists complete the installation of “Sleeping Beauty.”

The base piece fabricated by artist Christian Marche for the ceramic sculpture entitled “Sleeping Beauty,” supported by the New York City Department of Transportation in partnership with the West Harlem Fund, by artist Kenjiro Kitade exemplifies Marche’s creative skills as a draftsman and welder.

The base is developed entirely of found and recycled items. Inspired by the fairytale “Sleeping Beauty,” the sculpture, three feet x five feet weighing 500 lbs., features a reclining Buddha at the moment of his passing and entry into Nirvana.

With Marche’s structural design expertise, the base was created to withstand the weight of the sculpture while complementing it aesthetically. The frame of the base is made out of 2 inch steel tubing with DuPont Corian siding and a reclaimed wooded top. One hundred and sixty four recycled “Y” bottles on steel rods were used as decorative “windmills” and give an interactive element to the work.

Due to Marche’s exciting techniques, neighbors and colleagues readily offered items that would enhance the project. An oak wood door dating back to the early 1900’s was donated by a Queens, N.Y. resident for the base top and steel was donated in support of past works.

He hand-cut the metal to fit for a clean finish while leaving it at its natural state for the elements to form an interesting patina; thereby, satisfying Mr. Kitade request to allow nature to take its course.

Marche prides himself in creating work that looks machine finished yet is entirely made by hand, bringing the notion of the artisan to life in the 21st Century.

Christian is an artist that firmly believes that refuse is a treasure and at times the vehicle to address societal issues. A third generation tool and die maker, he followed a naturally prescribed path from trade school to industry and would eventually teach the very machinist program he graduated from.

Much sort after, Marche merges his artistic skills with everyday life from building custom motorcycles, with the twist of using found objects, to creating functional art and sculptures. There is no stopping this diverse artist choosing the path to create while addressing the issues that only art can onestly voice.

Christian Marche, art fabricator of the base is represented by Barbara Bullard, Co-owner and President of Al Johnson Art. Kenjiro Kitado, artist of Sleeping Beauty represented by the Ivy Brown Gallery.

Sponsors for the base were Grainger Industrial Supplies and Dolan & Traynor.

The sculpture will be on hand for viewing through July 2011 and is located n Woodside, Queens at the pedestrian triangle located at the intersection of Roosevelt Avenue and 39th Avenue and 65th Street. To visit the installation, take the #7 Train to the 69th Street / Roosevelt Avenue stop in Queens. Walk to the 65th Street traffic triangle.

For further information please contact Al Johnson Art at (646)435-1558 or email at [email protected]

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