South Shore Vikings break losing streak

South Shore Vikings break losing streak
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

Captain of the South Shore Vikings football team, Fabian Sue-Ho, led his team to a momentous win breaking a 21 game loosing streak since the football season opened six weeks ago.

The High School seniors played an aggressive defense to crush visiting team Golden Eagles of Springfield Gardens High School, during and exciting game recently.

The Vikings showed nettle beating the visitors on their Flatland Avenue home field 22-8 amid screaming fans, family and friends as teammate Rayon Jeffrey made two touchdowns, followed another by Desean Stafford, and then it was smooth sailing for the team towards winning under the watchful eye of coaches Thomas Salvaore and Lawrence Carbanaro.

According to the New York Post, Salvadore recalls that the last win was in 2007, when the Vikings beat Lincoln. He said all that matters now, though, is that number of losses are erased. South Shore beat Springfield Gardens, 22-8, in PSAL Bowl division football to end its almost-three-year losing streak.

“Now hopefully the kids know how to win,” said Salvadore, the 17-year coach. “Maybe we can turn this into something more. Now they don’t have to question themselves, they feel a little more confident. … They know they can accomplish something,” stated the Post.

New captain Sue-ho said the strategy was to play as a team, and for the first time in a long time the players made a pact to attack the offence keeping the ball for most of the game in their position.

Sue-ho was excited about going out and motivating the team with hoots and hollers, of win! Win! Win! to pump up the team towards winning. And indeed it worked, to the glee of fans.

Many team members are final year students, who have potential to play college football.

Captain Sue-Ho praised the coaches for the full training that included a rundown of the offence and the strategy to stop the Golden Eagles from taking home the title.

Team members include; Akeem Adams Charles Alford Mark Allen Johnny Baez Tylor Baptiste Jermaine Beckles, Dimitri Borgella, Joe Bowman, Stephan Bryant Alexander Candio, Jhamel Cohen, Christopher Crespo, Jonathan Edwards, Shaheed Farrell, Javon Fulmore, Johathan Gibson, Sharod Hendryx, Kyle Jackman, Rayon Jeffrey, Christopher Louis, Khalid Riley, Delisle Rudder, Anthony Stewart, Fabian Sue-Ho, Timothy Wallace.