St. Kitts tourism ends on high note

St. Kitts tourism ends on high note|St. Kitts tourism ends on high note
Two women waiting for a boat at a dock in Basseterre, St. Kitts.
Associated Press / Ramon Espinosa

Believe it or not, tourists are going to visit tropical destinations regardless of opinions branded about by alleged expert travelers. And although publicists tend to over-saturate the hype on individual island paradises, many are indisputably the most alluring to visit.

Recently, St. Kitts added to its recognitions for excellence by closing out the year on a high note with the receipt of the coveted “Innovative Destination of the Year” award.

Named by Caribbean Journal’s inaugural Caribbean Travel Awards for 2014, the twin-island was honored for being the best in travel and tourism across the region.

“This achievement speaks volumes about our efforts to build a truly exciting and memorable Caribbean travel destination,” said Ricky Skerritt, minister of tourism & international transport.

“We have used smart partnerships and our commitment to standards to develop a year-round tourism sector that brings benefits to the livelihoods of a growing number of local people who make their living from travel and tourism. The receipt of yet another award from such a reputable publication as Caribbean Journal makes it clear that our efforts are succeeding.”

St. Kitts has been highlighted as a model for the rest of the Caribbean to follow due to the success of its innovative tourism-building initiatives.

The island’s impressive hotel construction growth and its advancement in the environmental sector, includes its solar-lit highways and solar-powered airport.

Rated among 20 islands, hotels and tourism entities, leaders, employees and entrepreneurs St. Kitts is featured in the Caribbean Travel awards 2014 edition.

Currently ranked, with sister island Nevis, at number three on a list of the Best Islands in the World, number three on a list of Best Caribbean Vacations, and number seven on a list of the Best Beach honeymoon Destination in the World. St. Kitts also claims the number eight position on a list of Best Caribbean Honeymoons and the same spot on the Best affordable Caribbean Destinations by U.S. News &World Report.

The eastern Caribbean island boasts a myriad more claims awarded for excellence. CNN Money named it as one of the Hottest Places to Visit This Winter. It is also named among the Top 10 Best Islands for a Holiday, one of 50 Travel Destinations That Will Be Huge in the Next 10 Years and the place to visit because it is considered one of the Top 12 Best Caribbean Vacation spots.

An aerial view of the Caribbean island St. Kitts.
Associated Press / Ramon Espinosa

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