Strawberry Hill, Jamaica, 3000 ft. above the Caribbean Sea

Strawberry Hill, Jamaica, 3000 ft. above the Caribbean Sea|Strawberry Hill, Jamaica, 3000 ft. above the Caribbean Sea|Strawberry Hill, Jamaica, 3000 ft. above the Caribbean Sea
The Caribbean American press crew: Caribbean Life’s Contributing Writer, Tangerine Clarke,Caribbean Today News Magazine, Writer, Dawn Davis, Events Manager of Strawberry Hill Restaurant, Nashera James, and Caribbean American Passport Magazine, Writer, Sandra Fatmi, after a tour of the sprawling hilltop retreat, 3,000 ft above the Caribbean Sea.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

The Strawberry Hill Restaurant and Hotel, sits 3,000 ft. above the Caribbean Sea, overlooking the vast, lush, foliage and mountaintops of Kingston, Jamaica. And for more than two decades, visitors and natives alike have traveled a long, and winding road, for good food, with a view.

The 26–acre, mountain–top hideaway, in the heart of Jamaica’s Blue Mountains area, in Irish Town, invites guests to come enjoy the richness of the island’s diverse heritage, found in the restaurant’s appetizing Jamaican cuisine.

These flavorful dishes, topped by delectable dessert, of tropical fruit cocktail, cakes and pudding, are all part of a hospitable environment, where seating on a wraparound veranda gives guests exquisite views of mountaintops, lush greenery, and the nighttime lights of the busy city of Kingston.

Traditional dishes, such as lamb curry and fish stew, topped with local vegetable, served with Jamaica’s warm Caribbean charm, will certainly entice anyone, to go back for seconds.

Treats such as bread pudding, with a dash of Blackwell’s Rum, followed by a cup of Blue Mountain coffee, grown in the area, make up the enticing signature menu.

These dishes are also enjoyed on a sprawling floral landscape, where visitors gather for Sunday brunch, a treat and ritual for local families, courting couples, and visiting tourists. The magnificent space, also, has options for Jamaica red carpet weddings, and private events.

The beauty up above is beyond anyone’s imagination.

The grounds, surrounded by exotic, colorful flora, nestled in immaculate landscaping, villas, that exudes charm, old Plantation dining rooms designed with etching of colonial days, and an infinity pool, truly showcase the architecture of the Caribbean aesthetic.

Listed in The New York Times #1 bestselling book “1,000 Places to See Before You Die,” the property features 12 19th century Georgian–style cottages, and “The Spa’ at Strawberry Hill.

The hilltop paradise, also welcomes vacationers to its uniquely designed latitude that offers a special honeymoon suite, beautifully laid out amongst the manicured grounds.

While there, visitors can also view a collection of gold and platinum award plaques, presented to owner of Strawberry Hill, Chris Blackwell, philanthropist and entertainment entrepreneur, who founded Island Records and introduced the world to scores of critically acclaimed Jamaican artists, suc Bob Marley and the Wailers.

Blackwell, owner of Island Outpost Jamaica Hotels, purchased the Strawberry Hill in 1994 from a British national. He then remodeled the compound to include the 13 villas and brought it to a world-renowned hotspot for tourists.

The Strawberry Hill Restaurant and Hotel will surely make your stay in Jamaica an exciting one.

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