Students in Guyana to benefit from E2 Program

In honor of Women’s History Month, and the upcoming 40th Anniversary of co-education and enrollment of girls at Guyana Queens College, a female group from the QC Alumni Association of N.Y., will team up with the international organization, E2 (www.e2education&environment) — Education & Environment — to conduct “This Is Ours” Guyana (TIO).

Vice President Karen Wharton will spearhead the two-week visual and literacy initiative that is geared towards creating opportunities for shared learning experiences across cultures and continents, disciplines and generations.

Wharton, a senior systems engineer, and her team said they are excited to be accompanying E2 education & environment to Guyana this week to conduct the educational initiative, that will uniquely empower students, and give them voice to their vision.

While in Guyana, the team members will conduct the first program at the Bina Hill Youth Learning Center in Annai, North Rupununi, in collaboration with the North Rupununi district Development Board and Iwokrama International Center.

Students of Queens College in Georgetown will benefit from the second half of the program that was implemented to encourage and nurture students’ interest in protecting the environment.

The TIO program has been delivered to many parts of the world by E2 education & environment, a collective of dedicated communicators and technical minds based in New York.

Wharton explained that E2, which has supported The Mizizi Project at Leparua Primary School in Kenya, and institutions in the U.S., uses photography and illustration to tell a story in a shared knowledge about the environment. These findings, she said, will later be documented and published in a book –

The team will work for five days with approximately 20 students between the ages of 13 and 20. At the end of their TIO experience, students will not only develop life-long skills and bonds, they will also have their book distributed globally to other students.

At the completion of the program students will report on the environment. They will also gain a variety of visual literacy skills that include basic digital photography, communication skills, writing, interviewing and editing, illustration, drawing, analysis, and critical thinking.

Queens College, which celebrated its 170th Year Anniversary last year, depends solely on donations and fund-raising efforts to equip students with educational tools.

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