Stunning designs at NY Fashion Week event

Stunning designs at NY Fashion Week event|Stunning designs at NY Fashion Week event
Photo by Tangerine Clarke|Photo by Tangerine Clarke

Five diverse, emerging designers showed maturity in their various concepts, when they flooded the runway with stunning looks at the Rogues Gallery Presents Fashion Week event recently at the Hotel Pennsylvania, NYC. The collections were lavishly designed from leather, brocade, cotton, velvet, denim, Poly-Twill and printed fabric.

Designer Willie Hall is all about sophistication. After all, this designer has dressed greats such as Diana Ross, Liz Taylor and Madonna. Her classic color-blocking pieces, stunning floor light gown of sheer velvet, and three-piece outfits wowed the audience.

The classic denim look was revamped and accented with studs, eyelets and pearls to glamour-up Diane Linton’s collection of tailored suits, while Sehar Peerzada influence of traditional African, Asian, Native American and European all came together in a colorful and eclectic blend of sweeping wide-leg pant-suits, and dressed with hoodies, capes, and scarves. Her collections: Saharah, Urban Masala and Roc The Block were featured in the Dubai Times, Ebony and Pakistani Glamour magazines.

Brehon Williams’ is a best Up-and-Coming award-winner, and it showed in his chic mix of leopard skin fabric and solid colors. He unveiled colorful flirtatious little frocks; body hugging dresses with slits, floor-length skirts and color-blocking tops.

Pakistan-born Tarique Tabani for 7T7, garnered loud applause for his fine men’s-wear line that consisted of 41 innovative and skillfully crafted suits, cut from poly-twill, suede-cotton-striped fabric and corduroy.

Recognized as being among the top-20 emerging designers, Mikasa La Charles surely brought sexy back, with little mini dresses and skimpy shorts accessorized with knee-high stocks and garter stockings. The sewing instructor dressed up her models in floor-length gowns of velvet, snake-line fabric, tie-dye tights and tight-fitting leather pants.

And know for vibrant colorful fabrics, Canadian designer, Corinne Monique’s pieces roared with delight down the runway.

From her stunningly beautiful red skirt-suit trimmed with gold accents, to her cutout back effect pantsuit and her Geisha-girl outfit, the designer presented herself on the runway, ending. the show fittingly, with a lavish black velvet show-stopper, stamped with gold appliqué and designed with long, bell sleeves.

Sehar Peerzada
Photo by Tangerine Clarke