Suga Candy Mas to ‘Portray Whispers’

Tasian Edwards in costume from one of the seven sections of Suga Candy Mas.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

Last year’s second place win on Eastern Parkway for Maxine Magdaleno, was a pleasant surprise for the seasoned costume designer, whose Suga Candy Mas band captured the title in the small-band category, cementing a possible win at this years Labor Day Carnival on Sept. 5.

Magdaleno led her band to an exciting finish, wearing an array of innovative costumes. She said it was a huge accomplishment being recognized by WIADCA, the first year she competed as a bandleader.

Starting at the tender age of nine, Magdelino who played mas as an individual queen over many years, said the win brought back great memories, and as such, she is setting her sights on a possible first place win before taking to the streets of the Miami carnival for a showcase showdown.

Now age 30, the Belizean national argues that carnival runs through her veins and even if she wants to stop playing mas, she cannot, because she is equipped as a good designer, and will once again compete in the small-band category, with approximately 150 revelers.

Her emphasis, however in not particularly on winning, but on showcasing her themed “Whispers” costumes that will take to the parkway in mesmerizing color to dazzle both the spectators and judges.

The revelers she explained to Caribbean Life, will mas in 10 sections. Each will reveal a secret from each Caribbean country. For instance, the colorful costumes will showcase that country’s nature, food, flora and fauna and other beautiful aspects, that will be unveiled in a burst of color, glitter and feathers.

This year, Magdaleno teamed up with Grenadian-born designer, Key Sky Max, to design pieces that will include creations by other designers from Tobago, Grenada, and Jamaica, as well as a Nigerian designer, who will present a different concept of costuming to the band.

Magdaleno said Suga Candy Mas band will cater to all body types including plus-size masqueraders and a diverse group that will not necessary go for the customary skimpy costume. There is a range of styles to choose from. The popular boy short, mono-kini, high-waist and cover-ups are available in a variation of designs.

The designer unveiled a line of bikini bottom paired with fabricated wire bras, with trimmings of gemstones and braiding, like all of the outfits decorated with plumes of feather, gemstones and glitter, to complete a dazzling collection.

The costumes are finished with feather hand bands and leg decorations, and piled high headpieces and are moderately priced, from $150 to $500.

Suga Candy Mas camp is located in the backyard of D-Savanna, 1440 Flatbush Ave. (Farragut and Glenwood), and is opened from 6 pm, all week, except for Monday.

The designer can be reached at 347-656-3753 or by email: sugacandym[email protected]

Designer Maxine Magdaleno and Key Sky with model Tasian Edwards, wearing a creation from Suga Candy Mas.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

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