Tables Will Turn on HIV/AIDS

Jems Theater Company and Heat Wave Productions have collaborated to present a special North American tour of the hit Caribbean play “Tables Will Turn.”

The tour opens in Brooklyn, New York on Saturday, Jan. 22, at the Brooklyn Music School Play House – 126 St. Felix Street between Hanson Place and Lafayette Avenue. After the New York performance, tour dates will be announced for Philadelphia, Atlanta, Miami, Washington DC, Toronto and Montreal.

Part proceeds from the staging of the play will be donated to the fight against HIV/AIDS in the Caribbean. The funds will be handed to the Caribbean Vulnerable Communities Organization.

The organization provides direct services to Caribbean populations who are especially vulnerable to HIV infection or to those who are often forgotten in the access to treatment and healthcare programmes. The idea for the contribution was born out of the realization that Third World regions are at a serious disadvantage in the global fight against HIV/AIDS due to low finances. Hence the two companies thought they would position themselves to make a needed contribution, starting with the opening of their North American tour in New York dubbed “An Evening at the Theater for A Cause.”

The play “Tables Will Turn” is poignant, funny and thoroughly entertaining. It depicts the everyday struggles of a Caribbean woman who is dependent on her siblings and other family members living in the Diaspora. She critiques the world, including the people she is dependent upon when she is faced with the unthinkable that may unfold out of a relationship reeked with lies betrayal and ultimately death. The play is intriguing, mind blogging and provocatively entertaining.

The cast which consists of a lineup of celebrated Caribbean actors and actresses is under the guidance of legendary Vincentian playwright and director Jerol Huggins-Jackson. They have performed the hit play to sold out audiences in Toronto, Montreal, New York, Miami and the Caribbean receiving thunderous applauses.

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