Taiwan’s ties with Caribbean unstable: Reports

Taiwan’s ties with Caribbean unstable: Reports
Taiwan’s Foreign Minister David Lee.

Taiwan’s Foreign Minister David Lee said on Monday that Taiwan’s diplomatic relations with some states within the Caribbean region are “not stable” and could result in the breaking of ties, according to reports here.

The Taiwan News did not identify those states within the Caribbean region.

During what was described as an “interpellation session,” Taiwan News said the foreign minister was asked to comment on the nation’s relationships with its diplomatic allies.

He used colors as reference, in which red light means dire urgency, yellow light the signal to watch over with caution, and green light refers to a steady relationship.

“Lee replied by saying that some relationships are flashing yellow lights, while none demonstrates a high sense of urgency,” Taiwan News said.

“While declined to specify with which nations the diplomatic ties are at stake, Lee revealed that the nation’s relationships with some of the Caribbean countries are currently ‘not stable,’ and could lead to breaking of ties,” it added.

Lee said remedial actions are underway to address the concerns, adding, however, that “the overall situation is still well under control,” according to Taiwan News.

Last December, the small West African nation of Sao Tome and Principe severed diplomatic relations with Taiwan, ending its 20-year ties with the already politically-isolated island nation, Taiwan News said.

Now, in Africa, only Burkina Faso and Swaziland still maintain formal ties with Taiwan, the paper said.

It said rumors have been swirling ever since that Nicaragua could be the next country to break off diplomatic relations with Taipei, as the Central American nation has reportedly been attempting to build closer relations with Beijing.

The Taipei Presidential Office has not confirmed or denied the rumors, according to Taiwan News.

Taiwan now enjoys diplomatic relationships with 21 countries, including Belize, Dominican Republic, Haiti, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, and St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

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