Teatime, fashions to benefit cancer patients

Teatime, fashions to benefit cancer patients|Teatime, fashions to benefit cancer patients
President of HEROC Lorna Welshman-Neblett (center) with models wearing designs by Sonia Noel.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

The ladies were decked out in fancy hats and lace gloves, while the gents were dressed to impress, all in the name of charity, to benefit the Health Education and Relief Organization for Cancer (HEROC) at its themed “Fascination Tea Party” held recently at St. Stephen’s Church, Brooklyn.

The first such fundraiser of the recently launched trust was packed with entertainment. From solos by Christine Williams and young Marie Rajcoomar to a runway show by designers Gem Fraser, Jean Kellman and Sonia Noel, sponsors and patrons alike enjoyed a splendid humanitarian event. In addition, Impressions Dance Theatre wowed the audience with their fancy footwork.

A best decorated table competition and loads of donations gave the non-profit much needed dollars that will go towards the care and wellbeing of cancer patients in Guyana. Special prosthetic bras and donated wigs will help survivors to deal with their altered physical appearance.

Benefactors feasted on delicious tri-color cake and sipped chamomile tea but their main focus was to show their commitment to HEROC’s Project Dawn — Guyana Missions that will provide necessary services to patients with little or no access to much needed treatment.

Headed by President Lorna Welshman-Neblett, HEROC is an arm of Health Education Relief Organization (HERO) whose “Team Work Makes Dream Work” motivational phrase inspires volunteerism.

The organization’s annual October Cancer Walk in collaboration with Avon Guyana and the Periwinkle Group in Prospect Park, Brooklyn has made tremendous strides in the fight against cancer.

HEROC is steadfast in its goal to establish a breast clinic during its mission to Guyana in March 2015. The facility will provide screenings and diagnostic studies to women with breast problems.

President Welshman-Neblett lauded the group for its dedication and thanked patrons and sponsors for their loyalty to what she called a worthy cause. She encouraged all to continue to play their part to benefit underserved victims of the deadly disease that are claiming the lives of citizens in Guyana.

The HEROC team includes Barbara Chase, Harold Lutchman, Cleveland John, Theresa Nadir, Allison Skeete.

Models in hats and outfits from the Gem Fraser Collection.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

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