Reggae artist Black Am I.  Tizzy Tokyo
Reggae artist Black Am I.
Tizzy Tokyo

Since coming onto the scene with the honor and privilege of being musically mentored by the renowned Marley family, reggae artist Black Am I has stood strong on his musical mantra and responsibility to preserve authentic reggae, according to Destine Media.

The entertainment media company said the latter falls into place with Black Am I’s “daily philosophy chanted on his discography,” such as on his latest release, “The Edge.”

Produced by multi-GRAMMY winning artist/producer Damian “Jr Gong” Marley for Ghetto Youths International, Destine Media said “’The Edge’ aptly captures the feeling of millions worldwide at this very moment.

“Black Am I has now delivered a striking video for ‘The Edge’ directed by Studio 9, that was filmed on location in his hometown and birthplace, the historical Nine Mile village (in Jamaica),” Destine Media said.

It said the video depicts “all that the fervid Rastafarian lives and breathes — music, fresh air, food from the earth, messages and philosophy — all intertwine into a four-minute and 29-second movie that seems to visually transport you away from today’s worldwide chaos while heeding words of warning.”

The partial lyrics goes: “See me on the edge/ don’t push me/I duh wanna lose my step/Now is the time to live/wont think bout the time to die/Another time to give up/now is the time to try/Every nation fi live up/Time we have this rectify.”

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