THE LIBERATORS — A travel bag inspired by Haitian women

THE LIBERATORS — A travel bag inspired by Haitian women|THE LIBERATORS — A travel bag inspired by Haitian women

Making travel and Haiti her business over the past 10 years, Guerline T. Emmanuel understands the need for utility in a travel bag. When she could not find one that suited her needs she created one. After five years of research and multiple prototypes, THE LIBERATORS travel bag became available for sale on Nov. 18, last year on the anniversary of the Battle of Vertières. Significant, as it is the battle that won Haiti its independence.

Speaking about the launch of the product Emmanuel said, “I am grateful, humbled, and empowered. This is more than a product it is a piece of history.”

The bag is available in medium and large sizes and retails for $100 – $120. The bag is available for pre-order now at $60-$80 respectively. Available to purchase at

THE LIBERATORS was inspired by the Spirits of Great Haitian Liberators for the Modern Day Women Trailblazers. Emmanuel wants to celebrate these women and ensure their names are known amongst the men.

Featured female liberators include:

Anacaona – Was a Taíno Cacique (Queen) of the original habitants of the island. She was born into one of the five kingdoms of Hayti*. She lead and organized numerous battles against the Spanish invaders.

Agbaraya Tòya – General in the then King army of Dahomey captured to Saint-Domingue(Hispaniola) and teacher of Yoruba language, art and science of war of the first leader of independent Hayti* Jean-Jacques Dessalines.

Cécile Fatiman – Master communicator who formed codified networks all over the island of Saint-Domingue. Instrumental in organizing and executing the famous ceremony of Bois Caïman to galvanize the only successful revolt of African captives in the world.

Marie-Jeanne Lamartinière – A maroon, spy, warrior, whose bravery at one of the greatest battles was a turning point in Hayti’s independence and became the Head of Imperial Spy and Security Office.

To learn more about the amazing women featured on THE LIBERATORS travel bag pick up a copy of the new book SHEROES of the Haitian Revolution written by Bayyinah Bello Illustrated by Kervin Andre www. and published by Thorobred Books

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A sample of The Lberators travel bag.