‘There’s a kind of hush…All over the world’

Times Square sleeps.
Times Square sleeps.

Who would ever imagine the city that never sleeps in need of resuscitation.

Fact is New York City is experiencing deep sleep and a bad dream too with Mayor Bill de Blasio describing the entertainment capital as the “epicenter of the coronavirus” in America.

For New Yorkers, it’s more like a nightmare that bars and restaurants must close at 8 o’clock and that residents must remain at home, practice social distancing and enforce silence to the boisterous voices that livened the five boroughs and Times Square, the acclaimed ‘crossroad of the world.’

Two months after China, Iran, South Korea and Italy quieted, President Donald Trump declared a state of emergency in the USA and like the 20th century song released by Herman Hermits here, there and everywhere “there’s a Kind of Hush All Over The World.”

With 140 countries reporting positive cases of infection of the COVID 19 virus a surreal silence seems to have relented to the global pandemic.

On the high seas, an almost dead-silence permeated on luxury liners and cruise ships that carried infected passengers. Many refused docking permits to float aimlessly in hopes of finding a receptive nation to comfort boatloads on quarantined status and once jovial crowds masked to cover mouths.

The stifling of nations disarmed vacationers in the Bahamas when the government there imposed a curfew.

In Haiti, all commercial flights were stopped and the creole-speaking population joined the region in declaring a national state of emergency.

Barbados denied shore leave to crews on ships moored on homeporting cruise. The deafening silence must have resonated with disbelief throughout the island.

And when Canada, Jamaica, Guyana, Mexico, Venezuela, Belize, South Africa, Kenya, El Salvador, Croatia, Denmark, Norway, Ukraine, India, Israel, Slovakia, Colombia, France, Germany, Spain, Japan, Hungary, Singapore, Malta, Panama, Guatemala, Vietnam, Russia, Argentina, Turkey, Albania, Angola, Algeria, Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Ghana, Dominican Republic closed their borders it was not a surprise that St. Vincent would record fatalities to the contagion now forcing a still on the world.

The hushed tones from fear and uncertainty resonated with all of America with a loud crash on Wall Street.

Daily, downward-pointed, red arrows registered with anxiety, discomfort and unspoken reactions to the Dow’s decline.

Americans held hostage by their homes learned new phrases — “bending the curve” “stop the spike” and are frequently reminded to sanitize, ‘wash your hands’ and ‘cover your mouth.’

Many are seeking security and comfort in hoarding toilet paper, alcohol, hand sanitizers and food. Some are resorting to methods suggested by social media to inhale steam from boiling lemon water.

They believe applying heat to the nasal cavity will kill the virus.

Some maintain that applying alcohol around ears, mouth and nose will repel the virus from entering the body.

“This is not a short term situation, it’s not a long weekend but we will get through this,” Gov. Andrew Cuomo said during one of his daily press conferences.

“We are going to be better for it.”

Resuscitation will come.

“New York will lead the way,” the state leader asserted.

Shhh! “there’s a kind of hush all over the world.

And unlike the song the reason has nothing to do with love.

The cause is the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Hopefully soon we all will sing a different song — “We shall overcome.”

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