Tomi Thomas’ ‘Hopeless Romantic’

Cover of Tomi Thomas’ EP “Hopeless Romantic.”
Cover of Tomi Thomas’ EP “Hopeless Romantic.”

Tomi Thomas is a dedicated professional artist thriving as a solo act. His limitless talent and potential are on full display with his latest project.

“As the poster child of a new wave of mainstream Afrobeat music, his latest EP, ‘Hopeless Romantic’, makes a big impression,” Sarah A. Freiseis, special project manager, with the Brooklyn-based entertainment company, PlaybookMG, told Caribbean Life on Wednesday.

“Tomi is winning over audiences with his fresh perspective and absolute passion,” she added.

Freiseis said fans are elated for the EP after responding fervently to hit singles “Again” and “Hopeless Romantic,” leading up to the EP release.

“Likewise, the industry reception has been positive, with many in Tomi’s corner as he advances his career,” she said, adding that the “Again” music video garnered well over half a million views within the first month of release alone.

Freiseis said the project in its entirety is a unique mix of modern sounds of modern African music.

It showcases six distinct tracks to include the upbeat tune “Gogo Dancer” and the debut of “Hurricane,” featuring reggae legend Buju Banton, Freiseis said.

“Africa is a hotbed of talent with unmatched creativity, and Tomi Thomas is at the forefront of the movement,” Freiseis said.

“This project is classical African art,” Thomas said.

Freiseis said “The world is taking notice as Tomi plants his flag as one of the hottest Nigerian acts on the scene.

“After years in the popular musical group Loud On Sound (LOS), he branched out on his own and, in releasing his debut album, embarked on a fruitful solo career,” she said.

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