Top music money earners for 2010

There are lists and lists for every single category of money earners for 2010. Sports has its own break-down from golf to baseball. In arts and entertainment the lists compile the biggest gainers in film, dance, theater and music. Here is one closest to the sound — Music’s biggest top earners.

Irish pop group U2 tops the list with Bono and his band raking in $130 million.

AC/DC provides a shocker as a comeback act to tally $114 million.

Top growing Beyonce leads her gender to take the number three position earning $84 million from her 93-city tour.

Bruce Springsteen proved once again he is the boss with $70 million.

Britney Spears is fifth with $64 million.

Jay-Z comes in three places behind his wife with $63 million.

On the rapper’s coattails, fashion-forward Lady Gaga stokes in $62 million.

Madonna makes the top 10 with $58 million.

Country star Kenny Chesney racks up $50 million.

And fighting for the number 10 slot — a three-way tie finds The Black Eyed Peas, Coldplay and and Toby Keith.

Other top earners include Katy Perry, $48 million: Taylor Swift, $45 million and Justin Bieber with $36 million.