Tosh estate to donate ‘Equal Rights’ revenue

Tosh estate to donate ‘Equal Rights’ revenue
Peter Tosh.
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The estate of Jamaican reggae icon and Grammy-winning musician Peter Tosh recently announced that 10 percent of all net income collected throughout 2015, from streaming and downloads of the 1977 mega-hit Tosh released called “Equal Rights” will be donated to the families of Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

The bold decision was announced by Brian Latture, manager of the Peter Tosh brand and CEO of entertainment management firm The MegaSource Group.

“Brown and Garner are symbols of an issue that needs to be urgently addressed in America,” Latture said.

“These cases of racially-motivated police brutality, and the no-indictment rulings for the cops, set off a movement of all ages and races demanding criminal justice reform. The time has come to re-energize the pursuit of equal rights through music, and I know that if Peter were physically with us he’d want to, in some way, help support the relatives of those that were killed in the line of living.”

Tosh’s anthem for fairness pleads, “I don’t want peace, I want equal rights and justice,” the same call many have been demanding since two Grand juries acquitted police of causing the deaths of Black men in Ferguson, MO and Staten Island prompting nationwide protests.

The reggae recording also reflects an accurate description of the growing incidents of deaths of unarmed Black men at the hands of police officers.

Tosh was a founding member of Bob Marley and the Wailers, and perceived to be the most militant of the triumvirate that captivated world attention.

After leaving the group, Tosh also achieved success as a solo artist.

He is credited as one of the most outspoken of Jamaica’s reggae music pioneers.

As a musician and writer, Tosh earned the respect of popular music’s greatest artists, including the Rolling Stones, a label that signed him to their roster in 1978.

He opened for the rock ‘n roll Stones throughout its 1978 US tour.

Had he lived he would have celebrated his 70th birthday anniversary of Sept. 11.


“Black Lives Matter: A fundraiser for Eric Garner” is planned for Christmas eve, eve at SOBs.

According to a press release from the Manhattan showplace, “across the nation, men and women of all ages, races and creeds are staging “die-ins,” flooding the streets, marching with their hands-up and demanding the attention of authorities. It is impossible to ignore the chants for change that fill the air, S.O.B’s hears you loud and clear.”

Tuesday before Christmas, S.O.B’s Cares presents Black Lives Matter featuring local R&B/Neo-Soul/Gospel artists with a surprise special guest.

Demonstrating solidarity, the club requests that the attending audience wear all black attire. For every ticket purchased, S.O.B.s will donate 100 percent of ticket sales proceeds to Esaw Garner and Eric Garner’s five children.

The organizers maintain that not everyone are able to march long hours across city highways or brave the cold night protesting at Foley Square.

They are asking anyone wanting to show solidarity with the cause of an open Grand Jury system to contribute by participating in a different way other than marching.

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