Tots show their artwork

Tots show their artwork|Tots show their artwork|Tots show their artwork
Photo by Georgine Benevuto|Photo by Georgine Benevuto|Photo by Georgine Benevuto

A youthful spin to art.

About a dozen tots from MV Kiddies Town Kid Daycare presented their creative artwork at their very own art exhibit in Flatlands on Aug. 18. The display titled “Summer Exhibit,” compiled various types of drawn and crafty pieces that the kids created. The youngins were so thrilled with their art show that they were eager to show off what they created, said the daycare assistant director.

“They were very excited and happy to see it and some of them wanted to take the art off the wall to show their parents what they did,” said Ngosi George. “We really pleased with outcome and the amount of fun they had during the process.”

The display was a culmination of class outings the youngsters took prior to the event, where they got to explore different aspects of the summer before making projects inspired by them, said George. During the trips they learned about different things often associated with warm weather.

Colors: The youngsters created various types of art projects depicting images often associated with the summer.
Photo by Georgine Benevuto

“We took them on trips to the beach and we explained what people do there and what they tend to wear, and made them draw all the things they saw,” said executive director Martine Viciere.

The kids returned to draw and create art using construction paper, crayons and paint, that included images of beach balls, slippers, sunglasses, and sea creatures. Other art pieces were influenced by gardens, skies, and city landscape to name a few.

Along with the colorful fun, the directors say the mission of the exhibition was also a chance for them to expand the creativity of the children, and assist them in improving other mental skills.

“The importance of this is that the kids learn a lot of things we discuss with them and they utilize them in the art,” said George. “When they come back to the daycare, we have them use their memory to create the artwork from things they saw to help them strengthen their cognitive learning.”

Young talent: The exhibit was an oppurtunity for the kids to recall their memories to base their art on class trips they took.
Photo by Georgine Benevuto

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