Tribute to veteran Vincentian broadcaster Nina Maloney

The late Vincentian broadcaster, Nina Maloney. Photo by Nelson A. King
The late Vincentian broadcaster, Nina Maloney.
Photo by Nelson A. King

Several organizations and individuals with whom veteran Vincentian broadcaster, Nina Maloney were closely associated have paid glowing tributes to her.

According to Maloney’s nephew, attorney Akin John, their tributes appeared primarily in the funeral program and were not voiced at the service, in honoring Maloney’s wish.

Maloney — a former general manager and chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) Radio in St. Vincent and the Grenadines — died on March 11, at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, in Kingstown, the Vincentian capital, after a brief illness, John said. She was 85.

The local Girl Guides Association said that Maloney’s role in the association was “not just a part time affair” but “a way of life of which she was extremely proud.”

It said Maloney was a member “from her early days,” and that she had volunteered her service for her “entire adult life.”

“She worked tirelessly with Miss Inez Coombs and others of revered memory in the earlier days and always contributed significantly to all Guiding activities,” the association said. “A career public servant, our sister never let the demands of the public service frustrate her and prevent her from making time for contributing to the development of our girls and young women.”

The Girl Guides Association said Maloney served as a Guide leader in the #6 Cathedral Guide Company, and later became public relations officer for the association, District Commissioner for the Grenadines, and then Division Commissioner for Kingstown and the Grenadines.

She represented the Girl Guides Association on the Duke of Edinburgh Committee for many years and, at the time of her death, was still an executive member of the Girl Guides Association.

The association said Maloney also volunteered on the Children Welfare Fund Committee, as one of the founding members, for which she was honored on Nov. 27, 2020 by Governor General, Dame Susan Dougan.

She was also a former member of the Thompson Home Committee, and, at the time of her death, was an active member of the Royal St. Vincent Legion, the Salvation Army and Soroptimist International.

Maloney, who was born on June 30, 1935, was the third veteran NBC broadcaster to go to the Great Beyond within the last seven months. Former NBC general manager E. Bernard John died in August 2020, and popular broadcaster Ferrand “Randy D” Dopwell died in January this year.

Her funeral  was held on Friday, March 19, at St. George’s Cathedral in Kingstown, where Maloney worshipped. Her body was interred immediately afterwards in the church’s cemetery.

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