Twin sisters create Worldgirls doll collection

Twin sisters, Laken and Carissa King.
Worldgirls Doll

Twin sisters, Laken and Carlissa King, were inspired by their diverse upbringing in Brooklyn so much so, that the young ladies used this distinction, to skillfully craft dolls that spark creativity, and celebrate togetherness.

The young ladies who launched their colorful collection of Worldgirls on May 21, said the pieces embody a specific quintessential trait — Warrior, Healer Explorer, Rebel and Scholar, to create a connection to children who can identify with the figurines’ unique passions, rather than their looks.

“Wow. Can’t believe we’re here, Guyanese-American, identical-twin, tennis-playing Brooklyn girls with friends from all walks of life, our story was colorful from the start,” exclaimed the young ladies.

“Being exposed to so many people, cultures, and experiences made us who we are: open-minded, aware, creative, driven. Above all, it sparked our desire of providing a space where people, no matter their background, could learn from and celebrate diversity in all its forms.

“In high school, we had our eureka moment. We were looking through a stack of fashion magazines in our school library and realized the images represented one type of girl. We were disappointed, but not surprised, by the lack of representation of girls like us, and so many others, continued the sisters.

Often times when people think of doing a black doll from another country, they immediately go to Africa, but with our Caribbean background (Guyana), we really wanted to highlight the Caribbean. We intentionally went with Barbados, because that island boasts a high literacy rate, so for us, making Zari from Barbados was perfect. We’ve also been to Barbados and consulted with Bajans on some of the story elements.”

The artificial figures are more than just dolls, they are more like Worldgirls, ultimate team players representing girls from different countries and backgrounds, who come together to learn, break-down barriers, and have fun while making a difference, said the young ladies.

The toy has unique characteristics and gifts that inspire kids to see what’s possible, said Carlissa, who explained that instead of gravitating towards the doll that might look most like them, girls are encouraged to play with whichever one matches their passions.

“Maybe she’s a Rebel, a Healer, an Explorer, a Warrior, or a Scholar — or maybe a little of them all,” said the creator, adding, that’s ok. “Lets expand her definition of self and the way she sees the world. It’s the Worldgirls way.”

“Our dolls are characters interconnected to help kids learn more about each other than themselves. Ultimately, we want girls to help us build a world where they can be their best, individually and collectively, said the twins, noting that a heavy sprinkle of imagination is essential for Worldgirls.

“We seek to inspire a new generation of girls by helping them recognize their innate gifts. We take the Worldgirls world seriously because the idea is to be fun, educational and inspiring.”

The mission of Worldgirls said the creators, is to help connect imaginative children around the world, to break down barriers and explore their passions with a new way to play.

“Our great hope is for you to feel that love, soul, and energy from each doll,” explained the twin sisters.

Worldgirls dolls
Worldgirls Doll

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