Unexplained miraculous phenomena arrives in New York

Unexplained miraculous phenomena arrives in New York

A survey from the Pew Forum on Religion in February 2010 showed that a vast majority of Americans, nearly 80 percent, believe in miracles. Such is the driving force behind the sudden popularity of “Braco”, a European figurehead for over 16 years that is becoming an overnight sensation in the U.S. where sellout crowds are gathering to experience his “silent, healing gaze” — something that thousands claim has miraculously changed their lives for the better; either physically, emotionally or mentally.

Now, over 5,000 New Yorkers in search of their own miracles are expected to gather for Braco’s inaugural visit to Manhattan, taking place Saturday, April 28; and Sunday, April 29 at the Pennsylvania Hotel, 401 Seventh Ave. in Manhattan. Braco gazing sessions are scheduled to take place from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. daily; beginning each hour. Each session lasts 30-35 minutes.

Braco does not take any money for his help; he does not accept donations and the sessions are always free at his Center in Zagreb, Croatia where millions from throughout the world visit annually. However, U.S. tour organizers charge a minimal $8 fee per-person to cover event facility and organizational expenses. Tickets for this event may be purchased in advance from the web site, or at the door.

Why The Mass Popularity

Some experience radical healings that are medically verifiable — cancers disappearing, walking after years in wheelchairs, eyesight or hearing restoring, addictions vanishing, chemical issues re-balancing, and more — but for others, it’s a subtle but profound feeling of well-being, hope, or a rare peace that draw people to experience this humble man’s gaze. The impact can sometimes be felt in repaired relationships or improved financial matters.

Braco is no guru or religious leader. He has no philosophy or dogma nor wants any to worship him. In fact, well-known leaders around the world applaud Braco and his aid to all, no matter what creed, race, social strata, or sex. Leaders like Rev. Winifred Gaines, former chaplain to the California State Senate and Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith of the Agape Int’l Spiritual Center and “The Secret,” are two of many who wrote letters to the U.S. government helping win Braco the Extraordinary Talent Visa, the most challenging of all visas to obtain in the U.S., after experiencing phenomenal shifts in their own lives or that of their communities. They have been joined by countless other leaders heralding Braco’s gift to the world as significant.

About Braco

Braco comes from former Yugoslavia where he was born on Nov. 23, 1967. At his center based in Zagreb, Croatia, he receives tens of thousands of people from all around the world who are seeking relief from life’s challenges. Journalists and scientists who have studied Braco and his energy have been impressed by him and by the impact of his work, which has resulted in a high-volume of documented cases showing physical healing and transformation taking place in many that attend his gazing sessions. Braco does not call himself a “healer” and does not relate his successes to any form of religion or specific methodology. He has changed his working-methods over time to further and further enable as many people as possible all over the world to feel this energy and consciousness.

Today Braco is traveling more and more and there are sessions with him on a frequent basis in Croatia, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, across the U.S. and to several international conventions and congresses in Denmark, Italy and Japan. His current form of delivering the energy to the people is by simply gazing at his visitors in groups between 50 and 1000 people without doing any individual meetings or treatments. He touches people with his eyes-only and the connection between him and his visitors is a connection of thoughts, of energy and of a deep inner love. It is this powerful exchange that many believe causes transformation and healing.

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