Venus Williams rebounds at net

Is Venus Williams back again in the news?

The Americans, along with her sister Serena could certainly go deep into the draw if not this year then in 2012. Venus certainly thrilled the fans who went home feeling very positive about their hopes for another title by an African American woman in the long run or in the future.

A veteran of 13 U.S. Open tennis appearances, she missed quite a bit of activity this year with a hip injury and viral illness. Now she has the making of being a dark horse in the future and keeps improving. She has been sidelined since the Australian Open with a hip injury.

At times the two-time singles champion in New York some 10 years ago seemed to be doing everything right on the court as she got by her first round opponent in Vesna Dolonts of Russia at Arthur Ashe Stadium in the evening session and brought a 60-10 record intro the second round.

“It’s great to be here (playing) in New York,” the 31-year-old unseeded player said before the Caribbean Life went to press. “This is my first time playing since Wimbledon. (In my first round match), I relied on my serve, a huge part of my game. And it’s great to see the balls (fall) again.”

Everyone was certainly impressed with her play and her father Coach Richard Williams had nothing but praise for her.

Dolonts came into the match excited to be on center court and play against the veteran, a world wide figure in the sport of tennis. At one time she dominated the sport.

“It wasn’t my dream to play against her,” Dolonts said. “Venus ‘hit’ me so hard. She’s a great player. Her serve was tremendous. Sometimes her forehand and backhand got me. She was slicing and moving. And it was boom! It’s so fast.”

Venus mixes her shots up a lot.

“And she changed a lot,” the Russian added. “When I wasn’t waiting for that shot she was at the net.”

Coming into the match, Dolonts knew that she would have to contend with her serve.

Now Venus must keep it up during the rest of the year and return to this same tournament in Queens at a top seeded position next summer. In sports, including tennis, anything can happen.”

At this writing, Venus Williams is still in the U.S. Open Singles Tournament.

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