VertiCast Media awarded Caribbean rights to broadcast Premier League

VertiCast Media Group (VertiCast) has been awarded exclusive rights to broadcast the Premier League football for the next three seasons starting in August 2022.
The rights run until the end of the 2024-2025 and cover the entire Caribbean region spanning 26 countries including Trinidad and Tobago, the Dominican Republic, Barbados and Jamaica — a market of more than 44 million people.
The Premier League agreement with VertiCast is for rights to all 380 regular season matches and highlights.
The rights allow for broadcast on TV, cable, radio, mobile apps and online platforms allowing VertiCast and its partners to provide full regional coverage.
For years, Premier League football on premium services only, which VertiCast President and CEO, Oliver McIntosh said it intends to change.
He said in a region that speaks three languages, football is the unifying language and the Premier League the ultimate love.
Undoubtedly the most-watched Sports  league in the region, some of the major clubs are Caribbean favorites and have very strong ratings.
The new rights holder of the Premier League has committed to a broadcast plan that allows maximum reach to ensure it remains the most watched and most followed.

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