Vincy group holds successful fundraiser

Vincy group holds successful fundraiser|Vincy group holds successful fundraiser
Guest pastor Bishop Cumberbatch delivers his message.
Photo by Nelson A. King

The Bronx-based St. Matthias Charities Inc. recently held its 4th annual fundraising Prayer Breakfast at the Friends of Crown Heights Educational Center in Brooklyn.

“The breakfast was well attended and was a success,” Pastor Robert McBarnett, the group’s founder and president, told Caribbean Life. “The St. Matthias Charities, Inc. would like to thank all its supporters for their continuous support.”

McBarnett particularly commended Jamaican gospel artiste Croswell Daley, as well as Pastor Cornelius Olive, the Rev. Dr. Roxie Irish, and the Rev. Cash and Pastor Joseph (first names not given) of Crown Heights Gospel Church for “their continuous support.”

Daley and Cash sang at the event, and Olive and Irish, who is also president of the United Vincie Cultural Group of Brooklyn, offered prayers.

McBarnett had just returned from home, where he donated two EKG machines to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH) in Kingstown, the Vincentian capital.

He said the St. Matthias Charities Inc.’s long term goal is to raise funds for the donation of a bronchoscope to the MCMH that will cost US$45-50,000.

Over the years, the group has been donating medical supplies to the MCMH and other healthcare facilities in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and school and other supplies to schools and communities throughout the nation, McBarnett said.

“As we continue to grow we would continue to look for opportunities to help the hospital and schools,” he said.

The group’s Annual Dinner will be held on April 23, 2016 at the Friends of Crown Heights Educational Center.

Newly-minted Sports Ambassador and former national netball captain Stella Boyea-Ashby (c) with former teachers at the Richmond Hill Government School, renamed Thomas Saunders Secondary School, Joslyn Burnett (L) and Dofflyn King.
Photo by Nelson A. King

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