We can choose our future!

Hardly a day goes by without the announcement of some new technological discovery. It is truly magnificent and mind-boggling to behold. We are lucky to be alive in such an age of advancement. If both the political and religious leaders of our world would think as clearly as its scientists, what a peaceful, happy and fulfilling world we might have.

One hundred years ago, most of today’s medications, treatments, diagnostic tests and operations were unknown as were electronics, television, computers, internet, microwaves, atomic energy, and space travel. We are witnessing the most amazing explosion of technology the world has ever experienced and can only guess at what the future may hold.

Life expectancy is constantly lengthening due to improvements in health care. New methods, techniques and materials that didn’t exist a few decades ago now compete with each other for acceptance as the gold standard of medical therapy. The human genome project, a magnificent body of research work is finally yielding answers to previously insoluble problems of health and disease including the unraveling of the mysteries of cancer and other malignant diseases.

Microwave therapy has for years been successfully used as a non-surgical treatment for the relief of symptomatic prostate enlargement and is now undergoing research for use in controlling bleeding from internal wounds due to trauma.

The only true responsibility of our world’s leaders is to act with wisdom and justice. The human family faces so many enemies and perils of nature including a wide variety of natural disasters and diseases, we shouldn’t also have to face the most ominous enemy of all; other humans, who unfortunately are convinced in their hearts and souls that they know better than anyone else how this world should be run and what every other person should believe and hold true. Intolerance to diversity of thought is the main enemy of scientific advance and sadly also the greatest enemy of humanity.

Our science is progressing to the stars and beyond but psychologically too many of us are still living in caves, fearing what terrible havoc some adjacent tribe may wreak upon us. The result is that in 6,000 years of recorded history, there have only been a total of 125 years of peace when no nation lifted a sword against another nation. This has indeed been a sorry record. However, it is not necessarily the way things have to be.

As technology advances, the problems that have afflicted the peoples of the world for so long will be solved, one by one. Life gets better for everyone when there is enough food, clothing, shelter, good health and hope. The explosion of technology coupled with the emergence of representative democratic republics across the earth has given new life to the expectation that the goal of peace can actually be achieved in our lifetimes. We can choose our future!

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