West Indies team lacks leadership

Decision-making is important in any type of cricket. West Indies Captain Darren Sammy erred on many occasions when selecting West Indies bowlers. In spite of the West Indies success in gaining a place in the semi-final, the team did not perform to the highest expectations. The captain appeared to have made serious errors in deciding on the batting order and the selection of bowlers. Sammy was not innovative and up to the real task of exploring the best out of his team members. Some key players were not placed in the best positions to benefit the team. For example, Adre Russell and Samuel Badree were not put into positions where they could accomplish their vital roles.

Andre Russell Should Have Batted At Number Four

For young players such as Russell and Badree to fully prove their qualities and be on top of their game, these players must be in the game at certain strategic times. The confidence of players could be improved by having them exposed to the many challenges, which face the team. These players must be exposed to the top and huge tasks such as batting or bowling early. Young players gain their experiences by their exposure to these tasks and real challeneges. Russell is a remarkable player who has not been given the opportunity to improve and display his skills.

Bowlers Stamp Their Authority

Bowling was so important in the early stages of the World Twenty20. Teams that generally bowled well went on to the super eight and got into the semi-final. The West Indies did not get into the semi-finals because of good captaincy. They got there because of the extra delightful performances of players such as Chris Gayle, Marlon Samuels and Sunil Narine. Narine against New Zealand bowled 4 overs for 20 runs, picked up 3 wickets with 10 balls. This was an extreme effort from Narine. It was Gayle and Samuels who opened the batting in the super over and scored the required runs for West Indies to be in the semi-finals.

Sammy’s Captaincy Is Of A Very Low Standard

Darren Sammy’s captaincy is hurting and stifling West Indies cricket. He is the man on the field with the decision-making and most of his decisions have been hurting the squad. He lacks the necessary knowledge of what to do and when it should be done. These are some of the reasons why the West Indies games have finished so close. The West Indies players have had to give their last efforts to pull their team out of trouble. Sammy must be relieved of the captaincy.

The West Indies need a Test captain as well as a separate captain for Twenty20 cricket.